Annotated Features

No. Locus Seq. ID Location Feature Type Product Gene Nucleotide Translation
1 GCA_001436645.1_00001 AYZI01000001.1 complement(458..907) CDS single-stranded DNA-binding protein ssb_1 View View
2 GCA_001436645.1_00002 AYZI01000001.1 complement(900..1652) CDS prophage replication protein View View
3 GCA_001436645.1_00003 AYZI01000001.1 complement(1655..2500) CDS hypothetical protein View View
4 GCA_001436645.1_00004 AYZI01000001.1 complement(2493..2756) CDS hypothetical protein View View
5 GCA_001436645.1_00005 AYZI01000001.1 complement(2908..3135) CDS hypothetical protein View View
6 GCA_001436645.1_00006 AYZI01000001.1 complement(3315..3614) CDS hypothetical protein View View
7 GCA_001436645.1_00007 AYZI01000001.1 complement(3633..3941) CDS hypothetical protein View View
8 GCA_001436645.1_00008 AYZI01000001.1 complement(3961..4194) CDS helix-turn-helix protein View View
9 GCA_001436645.1_00009 AYZI01000001.1 4337..4978 CDS bifunctional S24 family peptidase/transcriptional regulator View View
10 GCA_001436645.1_00010 AYZI01000001.1 4988..5209 CDS hypothetical protein View View
11 GCA_001436645.1_00011 AYZI01000001.1 5239..6600 CDS hypothetical protein View View
12 GCA_001436645.1_00012 AYZI01000001.1 6656..7810 CDS integrase View View
13 GCA_001436645.1_00013 AYZI01000001.1 complement(7869..8096) CDS competence protein ComGC comGC View View
14 GCA_001436645.1_00014 AYZI01000001.1 complement(8096..9112) CDS competence protein ComGB comGB View View
15 GCA_001436645.1_00015 AYZI01000001.1 complement(9081..10049) CDS competence protein ComGA comGA View View
16 GCA_001436645.1_00016 AYZI01000001.1 complement(10276..11016) CDS transcriptional regulator View View
17 GCA_001436645.1_00017 AYZI01000001.1 complement(11082..12101) CDS catabolite control protein A ccpA View View
18 GCA_001436645.1_00018 AYZI01000001.1 complement(12230..12676) CDS hypothetical protein View View
19 GCA_001436645.1_00019 AYZI01000001.1 complement(12682..13092) CDS chemotaxis protein View View
20 GCA_001436645.1_00020 AYZI01000001.1 13232..14203 CDS small-conductance mechanosensitive channel mscS View View
21 GCA_001436645.1_00021 AYZI01000001.1 complement(14243..14857) CDS nucleoside-triphosphate diphosphatase View View
22 GCA_001436645.1_00022 AYZI01000001.1 complement(14823..15638) CDS glutamate racemase murI View View
23 GCA_001436645.1_00023 AYZI01000001.1 15751..16203 CDS hypothetical protein View View
24 GCA_001436645.1_00024 AYZI01000001.1 complement(16256..16567) CDS thiol-disulfide isomerase/thioredoxin trxA_1 View View
25 GCA_001436645.1_00025 AYZI01000001.1 complement(16650..19007) CDS DNA mismatch repair protein MutS mutS_1 View View
26 GCA_001436645.1_00026 AYZI01000001.1 complement(19019..19501) CDS colicin V production protein cvpA View View
27 GCA_001436645.1_00027 AYZI01000001.1 complement(19498..19758) CDS cell division protein FtsZ ftsZ_1 View View
28 GCA_001436645.1_00028 AYZI01000001.1 complement(19847..20137) CDS hypothetical protein View View
29 GCA_001436645.1_00029 AYZI01000001.1 complement(20154..20576) CDS Holliday junction resolvase rnhD View View
30 GCA_001436645.1_00030 AYZI01000001.1 complement(20608..23265) CDS alanyl-tRNA synthetase alaS View View
31 GCA_001436645.1_00031 AYZI01000001.1 complement(23519..24880) CDS DEAD/DEAH box helicase deaD_1 View View
32 GCA_001436645.1_00032 AYZI01000001.1 complement(24886..25845) CDS phosphoesterase View View
33 GCA_001436645.1_00033 AYZI01000001.1 complement(25911..27008) CDS DNA polymerase IV dinB View View
34 GCA_001436645.1_00034 AYZI01000001.1 complement(27087..27452) CDS preprotein translocase subunit YajC yajC View View
35 GCA_001436645.1_00035 AYZI01000001.1 complement(27507..28517) CDS Holliday junction DNA helicase RuvB ruvB View View
36 GCA_001436645.1_00036 AYZI01000001.1 complement(28527..29123) CDS Holliday junction DNA helicase RuvA ruvA View View
37 GCA_001436645.1_00037 AYZI01000001.1 complement(29142..31031) CDS DNA mismatch repair protein MutL mutL View View
38 GCA_001436645.1_00038 AYZI01000001.1 complement(31034..33604) CDS DNA mismatch repair protein MutS mutS_2 View View
39 GCA_001436645.1_00039 AYZI01000001.1 complement(33618..34427) CDS metallophosphoesterase View View
40 GCA_001436645.1_00040 AYZI01000001.1 complement(34515..36071) CDS ribonuclease View View
41 GCA_001436645.1_00041 AYZI01000001.1 complement(36189..37442) CDS damage-inducible protein CinA cinA View View
42 GCA_001436645.1_00042 AYZI01000001.1 complement(37458..38039) CDS CDP-diacylglycerol--glycerol-3-phosphate 3-phosphatidyltransferase pgsA View View
43 GCA_001436645.1_00043 AYZI01000001.1 complement(38102..38995) CDS membrane protein View View
44 GCA_001436645.1_00044 AYZI01000001.1 complement(39059..40348) CDS peptidase M16 View View
45 GCA_001436645.1_00045 AYZI01000001.1 complement(40341..41603) CDS peptidase M16 View View
46 GCA_001436645.1_00046 AYZI01000001.1 complement(41661..42458) CDS septum site-determining protein MinD minD View View
47 GCA_001436645.1_00047 AYZI01000001.1 complement(42461..43138) CDS septum site-determining protein MinC minC View View
48 GCA_001436645.1_00048 AYZI01000001.1 complement(43144..43674) CDS rod shape-determining protein MreD mreD View View
49 GCA_001436645.1_00049 AYZI01000001.1 complement(43687..44532) CDS rod shape-determining protein MreC mreC View View
50 GCA_001436645.1_00049 AYZI01000001.1 complement(44446..44532) sig_peptide mreC View
51 GCA_001436645.1_00050 AYZI01000001.1 complement(44593..45597) CDS rod shape-determining protein MreB mreB_1 View View
52 GCA_001436645.1_00051 AYZI01000001.1 complement(45716..47005) CDS folylpolyglutamate synthase folC View View
53 GCA_001436645.1_00052 AYZI01000001.1 complement(47076..49739) CDS valyl-tRNA synthetase valS View View
54 GCA_001436645.1_00053 AYZI01000001.1 complement(50024..51247) CDS thiamine biosynthesis protein ThiI thiI View View
55 GCA_001436645.1_00054 AYZI01000001.1 complement(51270..52415) CDS cysteine desulfurase nifS_1 View View
56 GCA_001436645.1_00055 AYZI01000001.1 complement(52462..54177) CDS septation ring formation regulator EzrA ezrA View View
57 GCA_001436645.1_00056 AYZI01000001.1 54504..55109 CDS 30S ribosomal protein S4 rpsD View View
58 GCA_001436645.1_00057 AYZI01000001.1 55205..55657 CDS hypothetical protein View View
59 GCA_001436645.1_00058 AYZI01000001.1 55670..56944 CDS recombination factor protein RarA View View
60 GCA_001436645.1_00059 AYZI01000001.1 56949..57236 CDS hypothetical protein View View
61 GCA_001436645.1_00060 AYZI01000001.1 57298..57786 CDS universal stress protein UspA uspA_1 View View
62 GCA_001436645.1_00061 AYZI01000001.1 complement(57830..58720) CDS transcriptional regulator View View
63 GCA_001436645.1_00062 AYZI01000001.1 complement(58959..60092) CDS D-alanine-D-alanine ligase ddlA View View
64 GCA_001436645.1_00063 AYZI01000001.1 complement(60212..61408) CDS rod shape-determining protein RodA rodA View View
65 GCA_001436645.1_00064 AYZI01000001.1 complement(61433..61648) CDS hypothetical protein View View
66 GCA_001436645.1_00065 AYZI01000001.1 complement(61931..62965) CDS rod shape-determining protein MreB mreB_2 View View
67 GCA_001436645.1_00066 AYZI01000001.1 complement(63030..64304) CDS UDP-N-acetylglucosamine 1-carboxyvinyltransferase murA_1 View View
68 GCA_001436645.1_00067 AYZI01000001.1 complement(64326..64553) CDS membrane protein View View
69 GCA_001436645.1_00068 AYZI01000001.1 complement(64737..65162) CDS F0F1 ATP synthase subunit epsilon atpC View View
70 GCA_001436645.1_00069 AYZI01000001.1 complement(65175..66584) CDS F0F1 ATP synthase subunit beta atpD View View
71 GCA_001436645.1_00070 AYZI01000001.1 complement(66607..67521) CDS F0F1 ATP synthase subunit gamma atpG View View
72 GCA_001436645.1_00071 AYZI01000001.1 complement(67542..69068) CDS F0F1 ATP synthase subunit alpha atpA View View
73 GCA_001436645.1_00072 AYZI01000001.1 complement(69098..69643) CDS F0F1 ATP synthase subunit delta atpH View View
74 GCA_001436645.1_00073 AYZI01000001.1 complement(69630..70145) CDS F0F1 ATP synthase subunit B atpF View View
75 GCA_001436645.1_00074 AYZI01000001.1 complement(70185..70397) CDS F0F1 ATP synthase subunit C atpE View View
76 GCA_001436645.1_00075 AYZI01000001.1 complement(70413..71123) CDS F0F1 ATP synthase subunit A atpB View View
77 GCA_001436645.1_00076 AYZI01000001.1 complement(71343..71969) CDS uracil phosphoribosyltransferase upp View View
78 GCA_001436645.1_00077 AYZI01000001.1 complement(72029..73270) CDS serine hydroxymethyltransferase glyA View View
79 GCA_001436645.1_00078 AYZI01000001.1 complement(73317..74336) CDS translation factor Sua5 SUA5 View View
80 GCA_001436645.1_00079 AYZI01000001.1 complement(74351..75211) CDS N5-glutamine S-adenosyl-L-methionine-dependent methyltransferase View View
81 GCA_001436645.1_00080 AYZI01000001.1 complement(75192..76298) CDS peptide chain release factor 1 prfA View View
82 GCA_001436645.1_00081 AYZI01000001.1 complement(76300..76914) CDS thymidine kinase tdk View View
83 GCA_001436645.1_00082 AYZI01000001.1 77088..78440 CDS UDP-N-acetylmuramyl peptide synthase murE_1 View View
84 GCA_001436645.1_00083 AYZI01000001.1 78440..79144 CDS glutamine amidotransferase View View
85 GCA_001436645.1_00084 AYZI01000001.1 complement(79252..80262) CDS serine hydrolase ampC View View
86 GCA_001436645.1_00085 AYZI01000001.1 complement(80322..80396) tRNA tRNA-Glu View
87 GCA_001436645.1_00086 AYZI01000001.1 80498..80573 tRNA tRNA-Gln View
88 GCA_001436645.1_00087 AYZI01000001.1 complement(80780..81229) CDS hypothetical protein View View
89 GCA_001436645.1_00088 AYZI01000001.1 complement(81346..81807) CDS GNAT family acetyltransferase View View
90 GCA_001436645.1_00089 AYZI01000001.1 complement(81815..82369) CDS ribosomal-protein-serine acetyltransferase rimJ View View
91 GCA_001436645.1_00090 AYZI01000001.1 complement(82369..83325) CDS drug/metabolite transporter permease rhaT_1 View View
92 GCA_001436645.1_00091 AYZI01000001.1 complement(83425..84774) CDS branched-chain amino acid permease brnQ_1 View View
93 GCA_001436645.1_00092 AYZI01000001.1 complement(85233..86684) CDS arginine/ornithine antiporter arcD_1 View View
94 GCA_001436645.1_00093 AYZI01000001.1 86770..87372 CDS NADPH-dependent FMN reductase View View
95 GCA_001436645.1_00094 AYZI01000001.1 complement(87409..88275) CDS DNA-entry nuclease View View
96 GCA_001436645.1_00094 AYZI01000001.1 complement(88177..88275) sig_peptide View
97 GCA_001436645.1_00095 AYZI01000001.1 complement(88372..89646) CDS dihydroorotase pyrC View View
98 GCA_001436645.1_00096 AYZI01000001.1 complement(89624..90586) CDS aspartate carbamoyltransferase pyrB View View
99 GCA_001436645.1_00097 AYZI01000001.1 90919..91854 CDS dihydroorotate dehydrogenase pyrD View View
100 GCA_001436645.1_00098 AYZI01000001.1 complement(91973..93532) CDS secreted cell wall DL-endopeptidase View View
101 GCA_001436645.1_00098 AYZI01000001.1 complement(93410..93532) sig_peptide View
102 GCA_001436645.1_00099 AYZI01000001.1 complement(93866..95218) CDS glucose-6-phosphate isomerase pgi View View
103 GCA_001436645.1_00100 AYZI01000001.1 complement(95241..96122) CDS fructokinase scrK View View
104 GCA_001436645.1_00101 AYZI01000001.1 complement(96225..97400) CDS SAM-dependent methyltransferase View View
105 GCA_001436645.1_00102 AYZI01000001.1 97519..98292 CDS HAD family hydrolase View View
106 GCA_001436645.1_00103 AYZI01000001.1 98328..98695 tmRNA transfer-messenger RNA, SsrA ssrA View
107 GCA_001436645.1_00104 AYZI01000001.1 complement(99538..100155) CDS hypothetical protein View View
108 GCA_001436645.1_00105 AYZI01000001.1 complement(101105..101539) CDS hypothetical protein View View
109 GCA_001436645.1_00106 AYZI01000001.1 complement(101546..102034) CDS toxin-antitoxin system antitoxin component Xre domain protein View View
110 GCA_001436645.1_00107 AYZI01000001.1 103720..104550 CDS hypothetical protein View View
111 GCA_001436645.1_00108 AYZI01000001.1 complement(104611..105327) CDS glutamine amidotransferase View View
112 GCA_001436645.1_00109 AYZI01000001.1 105735..106004 CDS hypothetical protein View View
113 GCA_001436645.1_00110 AYZI01000001.1 complement(106138..107541) CDS NADH oxidase View View
114 GCA_001436645.1_00111 AYZI01000001.1 complement(107667..108764) CDS proline dipeptidase pepQ View View
115 GCA_001436645.1_00112 AYZI01000001.1 complement(108826..109482) CDS sortase srtA View View
116 GCA_001436645.1_00113 AYZI01000001.1 complement(109559..110962) CDS major facilitator superfamily transporter View View
117 GCA_001436645.1_00114 AYZI01000001.1 complement(111164..112558) CDS asparaginyl-tRNA synthetase asnS View View
118 GCA_001436645.1_00115 AYZI01000001.1 complement(112836..113882) CDS 6-phosphogluconolactonase pgl View View
119 GCA_001436645.1_00116 AYZI01000001.1 complement(113951..114265) CDS hypothetical protein View View
120 GCA_001436645.1_00117 AYZI01000001.1 complement(114246..114407) CDS hypothetical protein View View
121 GCA_001436645.1_00118 AYZI01000001.1 complement(114460..116277) CDS glucosamine-fructose-6-phosphate aminotransferase glmS View View
122 GCA_001436645.1_00119 AYZI01000001.1 complement(116435..117778) CDS phosphoglucosamine mutase glmM View View
123 GCA_001436645.1_00120 AYZI01000001.1 complement(117797..118543) CDS hypothetical protein View View
124 GCA_001436645.1_00121 AYZI01000001.1 complement(118540..119388) CDS membrane protein View View
125 GCA_001436645.1_00122 AYZI01000001.1 119551..120207 CDS membrane protein View View
126 GCA_001436645.1_00123 AYZI01000001.1 complement(120302..121204) CDS UDP-N-acetylenolpyruvoylglucosamine reductase murB View View
127 GCA_001436645.1_00124 AYZI01000001.1 121341..121874 CDS DNA polymerase III subunit epsilon dnaQ View View
128 GCA_001436645.1_00125 AYZI01000001.1 complement(121909..122388) CDS GNAT family acetyltransferase View View
129 GCA_001436645.1_00126 AYZI01000001.1 complement(122396..122878) CDS tRNA threonylcarbamoyladenosine biosynthesis protein TsaE tsaE View View
130 GCA_001436645.1_00127 AYZI01000001.1 complement(122883..123857) CDS phosphotransacetylase pta View View
131 GCA_001436645.1_00128 AYZI01000001.1 complement(123868..124560) CDS uracil-DNA glycosylase ung View View
132 GCA_001436645.1_00129 AYZI01000001.1 complement(124624..125097) CDS SsrA-binding protein smpB View View
133 GCA_001436645.1_00130 AYZI01000001.1 complement(125112..127415) CDS exoribonuclease R vacB View View
134 GCA_001436645.1_00131 AYZI01000001.1 complement(127504..127740) CDS preprotein translocase subunit SecG secG View View
135 GCA_001436645.1_00131 AYZI01000001.1 complement(127648..127740) sig_peptide secG View
136 GCA_001436645.1_00132 AYZI01000001.1 complement(127893..129212) CDS enolase eno View View
137 GCA_001436645.1_00133 AYZI01000001.1 complement(129302..130066) CDS triosephosphate isomerase tpiA View View
138 GCA_001436645.1_00134 AYZI01000001.1 complement(130176..131390) CDS phosphoglycerate kinase pgk View View
139 GCA_001436645.1_00135 AYZI01000001.1 complement(131475..132479) CDS glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase gapA View View
140 GCA_001436645.1_00136 AYZI01000001.1 132667..132741 tRNA tRNA-Arg View
141 GCA_001436645.1_00137 AYZI01000001.1 complement(132817..133653) CDS hypothetical protein View View
142 GCA_001436645.1_00137 AYZI01000001.1 complement(133606..133653) sig_peptide View
143 GCA_001436645.1_00138 AYZI01000001.1 133859..134452 CDS ATP-dependent Clp protease proteolytic subunit clpP View View
144 GCA_001436645.1_00139 AYZI01000001.1 complement(134521..135471) CDS sporulation regulator WhiA whiA View View
145 GCA_001436645.1_00140 AYZI01000001.1 complement(135480..136493) CDS hypothetical protein View View
146 GCA_001436645.1_00141 AYZI01000001.1 complement(136490..137371) CDS ATPase P View View
147 GCA_001436645.1_00142 AYZI01000001.1 complement(137462..140326) CDS excinuclease ABC subunit A uvrA_1 View View
148 GCA_001436645.1_00143 AYZI01000001.1 complement(140337..142346) CDS excinuclease ABC subunit B uvrB View View
149 GCA_001436645.1_00144 AYZI01000001.1 complement(142553..143485) CDS thioredoxin reductase trxB_1 View View
150 GCA_001436645.1_00145 AYZI01000001.1 complement(143499..144011) CDS thiol peroxidase tpx View View
151 GCA_001436645.1_00146 AYZI01000001.1 complement(144202..145086) CDS UTP--glucose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase galU View View
152 GCA_001436645.1_00147 AYZI01000001.1 complement(145110..146126) CDS glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase gpsA View View
153 GCA_001436645.1_00148 AYZI01000001.1 complement(146130..146954) CDS diacylglyceryl transferase lgt View View
154 GCA_001436645.1_00149 AYZI01000001.1 complement(146962..147927) CDS HPr kinase/phosphorylase hprK View View
155 GCA_001436645.1_00150 AYZI01000001.1 complement(147952..148299) CDS membrane protein View View
156 GCA_001436645.1_00151 AYZI01000001.1 complement(148308..149471) CDS trypsin-like serine protease with PDZ domain protein View View
157 GCA_001436645.1_00152 AYZI01000001.1 complement(149482..150549) CDS peptide chain release factor 2 prfB View View
158 GCA_001436645.1_00153 AYZI01000001.1 complement(150651..153017) CDS preprotein translocase subunit SecA secA_1 View View
159 GCA_001436645.1_00154 AYZI01000001.1 complement(153216..153686) CDS competence protein ComFC comFC View View
160 GCA_001436645.1_00155 AYZI01000001.1 complement(153892..155196) CDS competence protein ComFA comFA View View
161 GCA_001436645.1_00156 AYZI01000001.1 155243..155881 CDS YigZ family protein View View
162 GCA_001436645.1_00157 AYZI01000001.1 155953..156369 CDS antiholin-like protein LrgA lrgA View View
163 GCA_001436645.1_00158 AYZI01000001.1 156371..157108 CDS antiholin-like protein LrgB lrgB View View
164 GCA_001436645.1_00159 AYZI01000001.1 complement(157184..160138) CDS beta-fructosidase sacC View View
165 GCA_001436645.1_00159 AYZI01000001.1 complement(160004..160138) sig_peptide sacC View
166 GCA_001436645.1_00160 AYZI01000001.1 complement(160301..162139) CDS amino acid permease View View
167 GCA_001436645.1_00161 AYZI01000001.1 complement(162274..163902) CDS chaperonin GroEL groEL View View
168 GCA_001436645.1_00162 AYZI01000001.1 complement(163945..164229) CDS co-chaperonin GroES groES View View
169 GCA_001436645.1_00163 AYZI01000001.1 complement(164368..165003) CDS redox-sensing transcriptional repressor Rex View View
170 GCA_001436645.1_00164 AYZI01000001.1 complement(165136..166167) CDS tRNA threonylcarbamoyladenosine modification protein TsaD tsaD View View
171 GCA_001436645.1_00165 AYZI01000001.1 complement(166184..166780) CDS ribosomal-protein-alanine acetyltransferase rimI View View
172 GCA_001436645.1_00166 AYZI01000001.1 complement(166764..167486) CDS tRNA threonylcarbamoyladenosine biosynthesis protein TsaB tsaB View View
173 GCA_001436645.1_00167 AYZI01000001.1 complement(167499..168251) CDS acyl-ACP thioesterase fatA View View
174 GCA_001436645.1_00168 AYZI01000001.1 complement(168267..169145) CDS 16S rRNA methyltransferase View View
175 GCA_001436645.1_00169 AYZI01000001.1 complement(169149..169463) CDS DNA replication initiation control protein YabA yabA View View
176 GCA_001436645.1_00170 AYZI01000001.1 complement(169484..170497) CDS DNA polymerase III subunit delta' holB View View
177 GCA_001436645.1_00171 AYZI01000001.1 complement(170509..170835) CDS hypothetical protein View View
178 GCA_001436645.1_00172 AYZI01000001.1 complement(170847..171485) CDS thymidylate kinase tmk View View
179 GCA_001436645.1_00173 AYZI01000001.1 complement(171598..173535) CDS antimicrobial peptide ABC transporter ATP-binding and permease protein View View
180 GCA_001436645.1_00174 AYZI01000001.1 complement(173547..173789) CDS hypothetical protein View View
181 GCA_001436645.1_00175 AYZI01000001.1 complement(173797..174396) CDS recombinase RecR recR View View
182 GCA_001436645.1_00176 AYZI01000001.1 complement(174409..174729) CDS DNA-binding protein YbaB View View
183 GCA_001436645.1_00177 AYZI01000001.1 complement(174747..176435) CDS DNA polymerase III subunit gamma/tau dnaX View View
184 GCA_001436645.1_00178 AYZI01000001.1 complement(176682..177158) CDS deaminase View View
185 GCA_001436645.1_00179 AYZI01000001.1 complement(177139..177759) CDS 16S rRNA methyltransferase rsmC View View
186 GCA_001436645.1_00180 AYZI01000001.1 177912..178157 CDS glutaredoxin grxC View View
187 GCA_001436645.1_00181 AYZI01000001.1 178265..180433 CDS ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase subunit alpha nrdE View View
188 GCA_001436645.1_00182 AYZI01000001.1 180448..181467 CDS ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase subunit beta nrdF View View
189 GCA_001436645.1_00183 AYZI01000001.1 complement(181519..182442) CDS L-2-hydroxyisocaproate dehydrogenase View View
190 GCA_001436645.1_00184 AYZI01000001.1 complement(182587..185148) CDS lysyl-tRNA synthetase lysS View View
191 GCA_001436645.1_00185 AYZI01000001.1 complement(185260..185625) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L7/L12 rplL View View
192 GCA_001436645.1_00186 AYZI01000001.1 complement(185662..186180) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L10 rplJ View View
193 GCA_001436645.1_00187 AYZI01000001.1 complement(186367..187059) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L1 rplA View View
194 GCA_001436645.1_00188 AYZI01000001.1 complement(187156..187581) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L11 rplK View View
195 GCA_001436645.1_00189 AYZI01000001.1 complement(187706..188257) CDS transcriptional antiterminator NusG nusG View View
196 GCA_001436645.1_00190 AYZI01000001.1 complement(188372..188542) CDS preprotein translocase subunit SecE secE View View
197 GCA_001436645.1_00191 AYZI01000001.1 complement(188745..189332) CDS DNA-directed RNA polymerase sigma-70 factor View View
198 GCA_001436645.1_00192 AYZI01000001.1 complement(189507..190028) CDS hypothetical protein View View
199 GCA_001436645.1_00193 AYZI01000001.1 complement(190028..190792) CDS rRNA methyltransferase spoU_1 View View
200 GCA_001436645.1_00194 AYZI01000001.1 complement(190782..191204) CDS mini-ribonuclease 3 View View
201 GCA_001436645.1_00195 AYZI01000001.1 complement(191201..192619) CDS cysteinyl-tRNA synthetase cysS View View
202 GCA_001436645.1_00196 AYZI01000001.1 complement(192724..194214) CDS glutamyl-tRNA synthetase glnS View View
203 GCA_001436645.1_00197 AYZI01000001.1 complement(194297..195679) CDS DNA repair protein RadA sms View View
204 GCA_001436645.1_00198 AYZI01000001.1 complement(195693..196229) CDS deoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase dut View View
205 GCA_001436645.1_00199 AYZI01000001.1 196375..197061 CDS ribose-5-phosphate isomerase A rpiA View View
206 GCA_001436645.1_00200 AYZI01000001.1 197079..198413 CDS aminopeptidase C pepC_1 View View
207 GCA_001436645.1_00201 AYZI01000001.1 complement(198602..199273) CDS 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate-dependent phosphoglycerate mutase gpmA_1 View View
208 GCA_001436645.1_00202 AYZI01000001.1 199434..200582 CDS LytR family transcriptional regulator lytR_1 View View
209 GCA_001436645.1_00203 AYZI01000001.1 complement(200753..200840) tRNA tRNA-Leu View
210 GCA_001436645.1_00204 AYZI01000001.1 complement(200886..201329) CDS SprT family metallopeptidase sprT View View
211 GCA_001436645.1_00205 AYZI01000001.1 complement(201438..202280) CDS NAD synthetase nadE View View
212 GCA_001436645.1_00206 AYZI01000001.1 complement(202290..203753) CDS nicotinate phosphoribosyltransferase pncB View View
213 GCA_001436645.1_00207 AYZI01000001.1 complement(203823..204527) CDS GntR family transcriptional regulator gntR_1 View View
214 GCA_001436645.1_00208 AYZI01000001.1 complement(204693..204766) tRNA tRNA-Gln View
215 GCA_001436645.1_00209 AYZI01000001.1 complement(204773..204857) tRNA tRNA-Tyr View
216 GCA_001436645.1_00210 AYZI01000001.1 complement(204958..206430) CDS dipeptide/tripeptide permease View View
217 GCA_001436645.1_00211 AYZI01000001.1 complement(206561..207907) CDS glutamine synthetase glnA View View
218 GCA_001436645.1_00212 AYZI01000001.1 complement(207935..208306) CDS glutamine synthetase repressor glnR View View
219 GCA_001436645.1_00213 AYZI01000001.1 complement(208473..208545) tRNA tRNA-Thr View
220 GCA_001436645.1_00214 AYZI01000001.1 complement(208561..208636) tRNA tRNA-Asn View
221 GCA_001436645.1_00215 AYZI01000010.1 complement(185..1702) CDS lysyl-tRNA synthetase lysU View View
222 GCA_001436645.1_00216 AYZI01000010.1 complement(1753..2775) CDS tRNA-dihydrouridine synthase dusA View View
223 GCA_001436645.1_00217 AYZI01000010.1 complement(2772..3665) CDS heat-shock protein Hsp33 hslO View View
224 GCA_001436645.1_00218 AYZI01000010.1 complement(3731..5782) CDS cell division protein FtsH ftsH_1 View View
225 GCA_001436645.1_00218 AYZI01000010.1 complement(5666..5782) sig_peptide ftsH_1 View
226 GCA_001436645.1_00219 AYZI01000010.1 complement(5853..6410) CDS hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase hpt View View
227 GCA_001436645.1_00220 AYZI01000010.1 complement(6407..7759) CDS tRNA(Ile)-lysidine synthetase mesJ View View
228 GCA_001436645.1_00221 AYZI01000010.1 complement(7808..8263) CDS S1 RNA-binding protein View View
229 GCA_001436645.1_00222 AYZI01000010.1 complement(8370..8723) CDS septum formation initiation protein View View
230 GCA_001436645.1_00223 AYZI01000010.1 complement(8787..9074) CDS hypothetical protein View View
231 GCA_001436645.1_00224 AYZI01000010.1 complement(9064..12582) CDS transcription-repair coupling factor mfd View View
232 GCA_001436645.1_00225 AYZI01000010.1 complement(12602..13159) CDS peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase pth View View
233 GCA_001436645.1_00226 AYZI01000010.1 complement(13274..13639) CDS toxin-antitoxin addiction module toxin component MazF mazF View View
234 GCA_001436645.1_00227 AYZI01000010.1 complement(13720..13908) CDS hypothetical protein View View
235 GCA_001436645.1_00228 AYZI01000010.1 complement(13941..15068) CDS alanine racemase alr View View
236 GCA_001436645.1_00229 AYZI01000010.1 complement(15152..16624) CDS DEAD/DEAH box helicase deaD_2 View View
237 GCA_001436645.1_00230 AYZI01000010.1 complement(16785..18179) CDS UDP-N-acetylmuramoyl-tripeptide--D-alanyl-D- alanine ligase murF View View
238 GCA_001436645.1_00231 AYZI01000010.1 complement(18234..19031) CDS hypothetical protein View View
239 GCA_001436645.1_00232 AYZI01000010.1 19196..19693 CDS protein-tyrosine phosphatase wzb View View
240 GCA_001436645.1_00232 AYZI01000010.1 19196..19324 sig_peptide wzb View
241 GCA_001436645.1_00233 AYZI01000010.1 19680..20909 CDS major facilitator superfamily transporter View View
242 GCA_001436645.1_00234 AYZI01000010.1 complement(20967..21215) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L31 rpmE View View
243 GCA_001436645.1_00235 AYZI01000010.1 complement(21318..22589) CDS UDP-N-acetylglucosamine 1-carboxyvinyltransferase murA_2 View View
244 GCA_001436645.1_00236 AYZI01000010.1 complement(22705..24318) CDS CTP synthase pyrG View View
245 GCA_001436645.1_00237 AYZI01000010.1 complement(24457..25035) CDS DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit delta rpoE View View
246 GCA_001436645.1_00238 AYZI01000010.1 complement(25058..25492) CDS hypothetical protein View View
247 GCA_001436645.1_00239 AYZI01000010.1 25584..26969 CDS HD superfamily phosphohydrolase ydhJ View View
248 GCA_001436645.1_00240 AYZI01000010.1 26956..27777 CDS sugar phosphate phosphatase View View
249 GCA_001436645.1_00241 AYZI01000010.1 complement(27855..28844) CDS ribose-phosphate pyrophosphokinase prsA_1 View View
250 GCA_001436645.1_00242 AYZI01000010.1 complement(28913..30292) CDS UDP-N-acetylglucosamine pyrophosphorylase glmU View View
251 GCA_001436645.1_00243 AYZI01000010.1 complement(30302..31132) CDS purine operon repressor View View
252 GCA_001436645.1_00244 AYZI01000010.1 complement(31286..32104) CDS Mn/Zn ABC-type transport system permease protein znuB View View
253 GCA_001436645.1_00245 AYZI01000010.1 complement(32073..32771) CDS Mn/Zn ABC-type transport system ATP-binding protein znuC_1 View View
254 GCA_001436645.1_00246 AYZI01000010.1 complement(32829..33068) CDS Veg-like protein veg View View
255 GCA_001436645.1_00247 AYZI01000010.1 complement(33129..34022) CDS dimethyladenosine transferase ksgA View View
256 GCA_001436645.1_00248 AYZI01000010.1 complement(34015..34620) CDS ribonuclease M5 rnmV View View
257 GCA_001436645.1_00249 AYZI01000010.1 complement(34568..35356) CDS TatD family hydrolase tatD View View
258 GCA_001436645.1_00250 AYZI01000010.1 complement(35382..37391) CDS methionyl-tRNA synthetase metG View View
259 GCA_001436645.1_00251 AYZI01000010.1 complement(37669..38514) CDS hypothetical protein View View
260 GCA_001436645.1_00252 AYZI01000010.1 complement(38501..39223) CDS NAD-dependent deacetylase View View
261 GCA_001436645.1_00253 AYZI01000010.1 complement(39233..40198) CDS hypothetical protein View View
262 GCA_001436645.1_00254 AYZI01000010.1 complement(40201..41463) CDS 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA reductase mvaA View View
263 GCA_001436645.1_00255 AYZI01000010.1 complement(41456..42400) CDS exopolyphosphatase gppA View View
264 GCA_001436645.1_00256 AYZI01000010.1 complement(42410..43444) CDS tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase trpS View View
265 GCA_001436645.1_00257 AYZI01000010.1 43788..46097 CDS ATP-dependent DNA helicase View View
266 GCA_001436645.1_00258 AYZI01000010.1 complement(46117..46485) CDS large-conductance mechanosensitive channel mscL View View
267 GCA_001436645.1_00259 AYZI01000010.1 complement(47162..47851) CDS hypothetical protein View View
268 GCA_001436645.1_00260 AYZI01000010.1 complement(47858..48355) CDS phage protein View View
269 GCA_001436645.1_00261 AYZI01000010.1 complement(48907..49029) CDS hypothetical protein View View
270 GCA_001436645.1_00262 AYZI01000010.1 49536..50216 CDS hypothetical protein View View
271 GCA_001436645.1_00263 AYZI01000011.1 complement(231..1619) CDS Na+/H+ antiporter nhaC View View
272 GCA_001436645.1_00264 AYZI01000011.1 complement(1630..1956) CDS thiol-disulfide isomerase/thioredoxin trxA_2 View View
273 GCA_001436645.1_00265 AYZI01000011.1 complement(1940..2701) CDS TerC family membrane protein View View
274 GCA_001436645.1_00266 AYZI01000011.1 complement(2729..3370) CDS N-acetylmuramidase acmA_1 View View
275 GCA_001436645.1_00267 AYZI01000011.1 3532..4455 CDS magnesium and cobalt transporter corA View View
276 GCA_001436645.1_00268 AYZI01000011.1 complement(4546..4911) CDS MerR family transcriptional regulator merR_1 View View
277 GCA_001436645.1_00269 AYZI01000011.1 complement(5007..5666) CDS phosphoglycerate mutase gpmB_1 View View
278 GCA_001436645.1_00270 AYZI01000011.1 5803..7944 CDS alkaline phosphatase View View
279 GCA_001436645.1_00271 AYZI01000011.1 complement(8012..9028) CDS thioredoxin reductase trxB_2 View View
280 GCA_001436645.1_00272 AYZI01000011.1 9062..9826 CDS alpha/beta hydrolase superfamily protein View View
281 GCA_001436645.1_00273 AYZI01000011.1 9958..10917 CDS inosine-uridine preferring nucleoside hydrolase URH1 View View
282 GCA_001436645.1_00274 AYZI01000011.1 complement(11036..11110) tRNA tRNA-Lys View
283 GCA_001436645.1_00275 AYZI01000011.1 complement(11182..11985) CDS haloacid dehalogenase cof View View
284 GCA_001436645.1_00276 AYZI01000011.1 complement(12096..12494) CDS arsenate reductase arsC View View
285 GCA_001436645.1_00277 AYZI01000011.1 12682..14238 CDS 2', 3'-cyclic nucleotide 2'-phosphodiesterase cpdB_1 View View
286 GCA_001436645.1_00278 AYZI01000011.1 complement(14286..15875) CDS 2,3 cyclic-nucleotide 2-phosphodiesterase View View
287 GCA_001436645.1_00279 AYZI01000011.1 16008..16421 CDS Cro/Cl family transcriptional regulator View View
288 GCA_001436645.1_00280 AYZI01000011.1 16418..17227 CDS SAM-dependent methyltransferase View View
289 GCA_001436645.1_00281 AYZI01000011.1 17257..17778 CDS GCN5 family N-acetyltransferase rimL View View
290 GCA_001436645.1_00282 AYZI01000011.1 complement(17989..18441) CDS hypothetical protein View View
291 GCA_001436645.1_00283 AYZI01000011.1 complement(18454..18861) CDS hypothetical protein View View
292 GCA_001436645.1_00284 AYZI01000011.1 complement(18924..20105) CDS aminotransferase View View
293 GCA_001436645.1_00285 AYZI01000011.1 20336..20776 CDS universal stress protein UspA uspA_2 View View
294 GCA_001436645.1_00286 AYZI01000011.1 20851..21729 CDS ribosomal large subunit pseudouridine synthase D rluD_1 View View
295 GCA_001436645.1_00287 AYZI01000011.1 complement(21756..22535) CDS ABC-2 transporter family protein View View
296 GCA_001436645.1_00288 AYZI01000011.1 complement(22537..23487) CDS ABC transporter ATP-binding protein View View
297 GCA_001436645.1_00289 AYZI01000011.1 23637..24155 CDS MarR family transcriptional regulator marR_1 View View
298 GCA_001436645.1_00290 AYZI01000011.1 complement(24203..26599) CDS phosphoketolase xpk View View
299 GCA_001436645.1_00291 AYZI01000011.1 complement(26757..27482) CDS GntR family transcriptional regulator gntR_2 View View
300 GCA_001436645.1_00292 AYZI01000011.1 complement(27570..29153) CDS manganese transporter mntH View View
301 GCA_001436645.1_00293 AYZI01000011.1 29266..29769 CDS prolyl-tRNA synthetase View View
302 GCA_001436645.1_00294 AYZI01000011.1 complement(29772..30368) CDS metal-dependent phosphohydrolase View View
303 GCA_001436645.1_00295 AYZI01000011.1 complement(30518..31510) CDS malate permease mleP_1 View View
304 GCA_001436645.1_00296 AYZI01000011.1 complement(31548..33191) CDS malolactic enzyme mleS View View
305 GCA_001436645.1_00297 AYZI01000011.1 33352..34197 CDS malolactic regulator mleR View View
306 GCA_001436645.1_00298 AYZI01000011.1 complement(34225..36567) CDS cation-transporting ATPase mgtA_1 View View
307 GCA_001436645.1_00299 AYZI01000011.1 complement(36761..37189) CDS small heat shock protein ibpA View View
308 GCA_001436645.1_00300 AYZI01000011.1 37408..38760 CDS hemolysin-like protein tlyC View View
309 GCA_001436645.1_00301 AYZI01000011.1 38817..41858 CDS membrane protein View View
310 GCA_001436645.1_00302 AYZI01000011.1 41910..42380 CDS ribonucleotide reductase nrdI View View
311 GCA_001436645.1_00303 AYZI01000011.1 42474..43817 CDS glutathione reductase View View
312 GCA_001436645.1_00304 AYZI01000011.1 43931..44317 CDS hypothetical protein View View
313 GCA_001436645.1_00305 AYZI01000011.1 44328..45275 CDS aldo/keto reductase tas_1 View View
314 GCA_001436645.1_00306 AYZI01000011.1 complement(45355..45708) CDS hypothetical protein View View
315 GCA_001436645.1_00307 AYZI01000011.1 45820..46242 CDS hypothetical protein View View
316 GCA_001436645.1_00308 AYZI01000011.1 complement(46342..46641) CDS hypothetical protein View View
317 GCA_001436645.1_00309 AYZI01000011.1 complement(46766..46870) CDS hypothetical protein View View
318 GCA_001436645.1_00310 AYZI01000012.1 128..1351 CDS argininosuccinate synthase argG View View
319 GCA_001436645.1_00311 AYZI01000012.1 1341..2732 CDS argininosuccinate lyase argH View View
320 GCA_001436645.1_00312 AYZI01000012.1 2913..4385 CDS amino acid ABC transporter substrate-binding and permease protein View View
321 GCA_001436645.1_00312 AYZI01000012.1 2913..3014 sig_peptide View
322 GCA_001436645.1_00313 AYZI01000012.1 4378..5136 CDS amino acid ABC transporter ATP-binding protein View View
323 GCA_001436645.1_00314 AYZI01000012.1 complement(5243..5629) CDS hypothetical protein View View
324 GCA_001436645.1_00315 AYZI01000012.1 complement(5638..7194) CDS 2', 3'-cyclic nucleotide 2'-phosphodiesterase cpdB_2 View View
325 GCA_001436645.1_00316 AYZI01000012.1 complement(7178..8410) CDS major facilitator superfamily transporter View View
326 GCA_001436645.1_00317 AYZI01000012.1 complement(8598..9575) CDS diaminopimelate epimerase dapF View View
327 GCA_001436645.1_00318 AYZI01000012.1 complement(9595..10962) CDS aspartate kinase lysC View View
328 GCA_001436645.1_00319 AYZI01000012.1 11298..11924 CDS XRE family transcriptional regulator xre_1 View View
329 GCA_001436645.1_00320 AYZI01000012.1 12125..12871 CDS abortive infection protein View View
330 GCA_001436645.1_00321 AYZI01000012.1 13081..13989 CDS NADPH:quinone reductase qor_1 View View
331 GCA_001436645.1_00322 AYZI01000012.1 complement(14434..15300) CDS transcriptional regulator View View
332 GCA_001436645.1_00323 AYZI01000012.1 15666..15947 CDS ABC transporter ATP-binding protein View View
333 GCA_001436645.1_00324 AYZI01000012.1 16018..16266 CDS hypothetical protein View View
334 GCA_001436645.1_00325 AYZI01000012.1 16263..16421 CDS hypothetical protein View View
335 GCA_001436645.1_00326 AYZI01000012.1 16427..17614 CDS plasmid replication protein View View
336 GCA_001436645.1_00327 AYZI01000012.1 18126..18383 CDS hypothetical protein View View
337 GCA_001436645.1_00328 AYZI01000012.1 18548..20260 CDS cell surface protein View View
338 GCA_001436645.1_00328 AYZI01000012.1 18548..18613 sig_peptide View
339 GCA_001436645.1_00329 AYZI01000012.1 complement(20606..21019) CDS hypothetical protein View View
340 GCA_001436645.1_00330 AYZI01000012.1 complement(21000..21323) CDS phage transcriptional regulator, Cro/CI family View View
341 GCA_001436645.1_00331 AYZI01000012.1 21575..23707 CDS peptidoglycan-binding protein View View
342 GCA_001436645.1_00332 AYZI01000012.1 complement(23759..24172) CDS hypothetical protein View View
343 GCA_001436645.1_00333 AYZI01000012.1 complement(24196..25251) CDS hypothetical protein View View
344 GCA_001436645.1_00334 AYZI01000012.1 complement(25297..25494) CDS hypothetical protein View View
345 GCA_001436645.1_00335 AYZI01000012.1 complement(26406..26879) CDS hypothetical protein View View
346 GCA_001436645.1_00336 AYZI01000013.1 complement(539..1381) CDS hypothetical protein View View
347 GCA_001436645.1_00337 AYZI01000013.1 complement(1323..2207) CDS RecT family protein View View
348 GCA_001436645.1_00338 AYZI01000013.1 complement(2197..2460) CDS hypothetical protein View View
349 GCA_001436645.1_00339 AYZI01000013.1 complement(2463..2645) CDS hypothetical protein View View
350 GCA_001436645.1_00340 AYZI01000013.1 complement(2788..3015) CDS hypothetical protein View View
351 GCA_001436645.1_00341 AYZI01000013.1 complement(3028..3192) CDS hypothetical protein View View
352 GCA_001436645.1_00342 AYZI01000013.1 complement(3205..3471) CDS hypothetical protein View View
353 GCA_001436645.1_00343 AYZI01000013.1 complement(3534..3746) CDS hypothetical protein View View
354 GCA_001436645.1_00344 AYZI01000013.1 complement(3759..3950) CDS hypothetical protein View View
355 GCA_001436645.1_00345 AYZI01000013.1 4200..4535 CDS XRE family transcriptional regulator xre_2 View View
356 GCA_001436645.1_00346 AYZI01000013.1 4525..4932 CDS hypothetical protein View View
357 GCA_001436645.1_00347 AYZI01000013.1 4963..5628 CDS hypothetical protein View View
358 GCA_001436645.1_00348 AYZI01000013.1 5803..6615 CDS hypothetical protein View View
359 GCA_001436645.1_00349 AYZI01000013.1 complement(6589..6765) CDS hypothetical protein View View
360 GCA_001436645.1_00350 AYZI01000014.1 complement(868..1221) CDS MerR family transcriptional regulator merR_2 View View
361 GCA_001436645.1_00351 AYZI01000014.1 1299..2039 CDS short-chain dehydrogenase/oxidoreductase View View
362 GCA_001436645.1_00352 AYZI01000014.1 complement(2093..2326) CDS hypothetical protein View View
363 GCA_001436645.1_00353 AYZI01000014.1 complement(2340..2543) CDS hypothetical protein View View
364 GCA_001436645.1_00354 AYZI01000014.1 complement(2852..3124) CDS DNA-directed RNA polymerase specialized sigma subunit View View
365 GCA_001436645.1_00355 AYZI01000014.1 complement(3517..3636) CDS hypothetical protein View View
366 GCA_001436645.1_00356 AYZI01000014.1 complement(3646..4344) CDS type I restriction-modification system specificity subunit S hsdS_1 View View
367 GCA_001436645.1_00357 AYZI01000014.1 4431..4847 CDS type I restriction-modification system specificity subunit S hsdS_2 View View
368 GCA_001436645.1_00358 AYZI01000014.1 complement(4953..5750) CDS integrase View View
369 GCA_001436645.1_00359 AYZI01000015.1 55..1923 CDS DNA topoisomerase I topA View View
370 GCA_001436645.1_00360 AYZI01000015.1 1987..2901 CDS tyrosine recombinase XerC xerC View View
371 GCA_001436645.1_00361 AYZI01000015.1 3004..3888 CDS aldose 1-epimerase galM View View
372 GCA_001436645.1_00362 AYZI01000015.1 3922..4971 CDS alcohol dehydrogenase View View
373 GCA_001436645.1_00363 AYZI01000015.1 5130..5378 CDS hypothetical protein View View
374 GCA_001436645.1_00364 AYZI01000016.1 complement(286..1143) CDS 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase metF View View
375 GCA_001436645.1_00365 AYZI01000016.1 complement(1246..1950) CDS methionine ABC transporter permease protein metP View View
376 GCA_001436645.1_00366 AYZI01000016.1 complement(1947..3005) CDS methionine ABC transporter ATP-binding protein metN View View
377 GCA_001436645.1_00367 AYZI01000016.1 complement(3218..4066) CDS methionine ABC transporter substrate-binding protein metQ_1 View View
378 GCA_001436645.1_00368 AYZI01000017.1 156..3068 rRNA 23S ribosomal RNA View
379 GCA_001436645.1_00369 AYZI01000017.1 3154..3265 rRNA 5S ribosomal RNA View
380 GCA_001436645.1_00370 AYZI01000018.1 complement(346..597) CDS hypothetical protein View View
381 GCA_001436645.1_00371 AYZI01000018.1 complement(654..779) CDS hypothetical protein View View
382 GCA_001436645.1_00372 AYZI01000018.1 complement(782..1219) CDS hypothetical protein View View
383 GCA_001436645.1_00373 AYZI01000018.1 complement(1268..2062) CDS phage endonuclease View View
384 GCA_001436645.1_00374 AYZI01000018.1 complement(2043..2519) CDS hypothetical protein View View
385 GCA_001436645.1_00375 AYZI01000019.1 126..656 CDS hypothetical protein View View
386 GCA_001436645.1_00376 AYZI01000019.1 653..1315 CDS hypothetical protein View View
387 GCA_001436645.1_00377 AYZI01000002.1 140..553 CDS HTH-type transcriptional activator mta mta View View
388 GCA_001436645.1_00378 AYZI01000002.1 571..1233 CDS cell division protein FtsH ftsH_2 View View
389 GCA_001436645.1_00379 AYZI01000002.1 complement(1384..1668) CDS hypothetical protein View View
390 GCA_001436645.1_00380 AYZI01000002.1 2128..2448 CDS hypothetical protein View View
391 GCA_001436645.1_00381 AYZI01000002.1 3489..4805 CDS diaminopimelate decarboxylase lysA View View
392 GCA_001436645.1_00382 AYZI01000002.1 4802..5509 CDS 2,3,4,5-tetrahydropyridine-2,6-carboxylate N-succinyltransferase dapD View View
393 GCA_001436645.1_00383 AYZI01000002.1 5511..6680 CDS acetyldiaminopimelate deacetylase View View
394 GCA_001436645.1_00384 AYZI01000002.1 6682..7554 CDS N-acetylneuraminate lyase dapA View View
395 GCA_001436645.1_00385 AYZI01000002.1 7557..8324 CDS 4-hydroxy-tetrahydrodipicolinate reductase dapB View View
396 GCA_001436645.1_00386 AYZI01000002.1 8337..9392 CDS aspartate-semialdehyde dehydrogenase asd View View
397 GCA_001436645.1_00387 AYZI01000002.1 9833..10477 CDS amino acid ABC transporter permease protein View View
398 GCA_001436645.1_00388 AYZI01000002.1 10487..11125 CDS amino acid ABC transporter ATP-binding protein View View
399 GCA_001436645.1_00389 AYZI01000002.1 11140..11967 CDS amino acid ABC transporter substrate-binding protein View View
400 GCA_001436645.1_00390 AYZI01000002.1 12275..14626 CDS preprotein translocase subunit SecA secA_2 View View
401 GCA_001436645.1_00391 AYZI01000002.1 14645..15877 CDS preprotein translocase subunit SecY secY_1 View View
402 GCA_001436645.1_00392 AYZI01000002.1 15894..17498 CDS hypothetical protein View View
403 GCA_001436645.1_00393 AYZI01000002.1 17485..19056 CDS accessory Sec system protein Asp2 View View
404 GCA_001436645.1_00394 AYZI01000002.1 19073..19771 CDS hypothetical protein View View
405 GCA_001436645.1_00395 AYZI01000002.1 19817..21277 CDS poly(glycerol-phosphate) alpha-glucosyltransferase tagE View View
406 GCA_001436645.1_00396 AYZI01000002.1 21255..22124 CDS hypothetical protein View View
407 GCA_001436645.1_00397 AYZI01000002.1 complement(22184..23737) CDS multicopper oxidase sufI View View
408 GCA_001436645.1_00398 AYZI01000002.1 complement(23954..25384) CDS 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase gnd View View
409 GCA_001436645.1_00399 AYZI01000002.1 complement(25487..26965) CDS glucose-6-phosphate 1-dehydrogenase zwf View View
410 GCA_001436645.1_00400 AYZI01000002.1 27186..28901 CDS alpha-glucosidase View View
411 GCA_001436645.1_00401 AYZI01000002.1 29099..29710 CDS peptidoglycan-binding protein LysM lysM View View
412 GCA_001436645.1_00401 AYZI01000002.1 29099..29188 sig_peptide lysM View
413 GCA_001436645.1_00402 AYZI01000002.1 complement(29809..30648) CDS DegV family protein degV_1 View View
414 GCA_001436645.1_00403 AYZI01000002.1 30808..31989 CDS major facilitator superfamily transporter View View
415 GCA_001436645.1_00404 AYZI01000002.1 complement(32063..34711) CDS hypothetical protein View View
416 GCA_001436645.1_00404 AYZI01000002.1 complement(34646..34711) sig_peptide View
417 GCA_001436645.1_00405 AYZI01000002.1 complement(34773..35555) CDS cell surface protein View View
418 GCA_001436645.1_00406 AYZI01000002.1 complement(35584..35964) CDS hypothetical protein View View
419 GCA_001436645.1_00406 AYZI01000002.1 complement(35872..35964) sig_peptide View
420 GCA_001436645.1_00407 AYZI01000002.1 complement(35983..37014) CDS cell surface protein View View
421 GCA_001436645.1_00407 AYZI01000002.1 complement(36922..37014) sig_peptide View
422 GCA_001436645.1_00408 AYZI01000002.1 complement(37104..37799) CDS hypothetical protein View View
423 GCA_001436645.1_00408 AYZI01000002.1 complement(37713..37799) sig_peptide View
424 GCA_001436645.1_00409 AYZI01000002.1 complement(38055..40184) CDS Na+/H+ antiporter nhaP View View
425 GCA_001436645.1_00410 AYZI01000002.1 complement(40342..41895) CDS GMP synthase guaA View View
426 GCA_001436645.1_00411 AYZI01000002.1 complement(41910..43046) CDS inosine-5'-monophosphate dehydrogenase guaB View View
427 GCA_001436645.1_00412 AYZI01000002.1 43262..44464 CDS histidyl-tRNA synthetase hisS View View
428 GCA_001436645.1_00413 AYZI01000002.1 complement(44542..46077) CDS chloride channel protein eriC View View
429 GCA_001436645.1_00414 AYZI01000002.1 46173..46619 CDS hypothetical protein View View
430 GCA_001436645.1_00415 AYZI01000002.1 46722..47651 CDS alpha/beta hydrolase View View
431 GCA_001436645.1_00416 AYZI01000002.1 47674..49176 CDS integral membrane protein View View
432 GCA_001436645.1_00417 AYZI01000002.1 complement(49232..50023) CDS FabG-like short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase View View
433 GCA_001436645.1_00418 AYZI01000002.1 50194..50541 CDS hypothetical protein View View
434 GCA_001436645.1_00419 AYZI01000002.1 complement(50593..51279) CDS hypothetical protein View View
435 GCA_001436645.1_00420 AYZI01000002.1 complement(51403..53532) CDS ATP-dependent Clp protease ATP-binding protein clpA_1 View View
436 GCA_001436645.1_00421 AYZI01000002.1 53854..54846 CDS LytR family transcriptional regulator lytR_2 View View
437 GCA_001436645.1_00422 AYZI01000002.1 54891..55598 CDS hypothetical protein View View
438 GCA_001436645.1_00423 AYZI01000002.1 55643..56878 CDS hypothetical protein View View
439 GCA_001436645.1_00424 AYZI01000002.1 56871..57653 CDS glycosyltransferase View View
440 GCA_001436645.1_00425 AYZI01000002.1 57707..58825 CDS UDP-galactopyranose mutase glf View View
441 GCA_001436645.1_00426 AYZI01000002.1 58831..60255 CDS PST family polysaccharide transporter View View
442 GCA_001436645.1_00427 AYZI01000002.1 60336..61301 CDS glycosyl transferase 2 family protein View View
443 GCA_001436645.1_00428 AYZI01000002.1 61336..62400 CDS glycosyltransferase group 1 View View
444 GCA_001436645.1_00429 AYZI01000002.1 62417..63403 CDS glycosyl transferase View View
445 GCA_001436645.1_00430 AYZI01000002.1 63421..64446 CDS beta-1,6-galactofuranosyltransferase View View
446 GCA_001436645.1_00431 AYZI01000002.1 complement(64512..65708) CDS acetylornithine deacetylase/succinyl-diaminopimelate desuccinylase argE_1 View View
447 GCA_001436645.1_00432 AYZI01000002.1 65898..67190 CDS ABC-2 family transporter protein View View
448 GCA_001436645.1_00433 AYZI01000002.1 67310..68041 CDS sugar transferase wcaJ View View
449 GCA_001436645.1_00434 AYZI01000002.1 68061..69119 CDS acyltransferase View View
450 GCA_001436645.1_00435 AYZI01000002.1 69449..70456 CDS D-lactate dehydrogenase ldhD_1 View View
451 GCA_001436645.1_00436 AYZI01000002.1 70459..71451 CDS D-lactate dehydrogenase ldhD_2 View View
452 GCA_001436645.1_00437 AYZI01000002.1 71463..72068 CDS hypothetical protein View View
453 GCA_001436645.1_00438 AYZI01000002.1 72086..72313 CDS hypothetical protein View View
454 GCA_001436645.1_00439 AYZI01000002.1 72430..74226 CDS hypothetical protein View View
455 GCA_001436645.1_00440 AYZI01000002.1 74296..74814 CDS methylated DNA-protein cysteine methyltransferase ada_1 View View
456 GCA_001436645.1_00441 AYZI01000002.1 74875..76368 CDS amino acid permease View View
457 GCA_001436645.1_00442 AYZI01000002.1 complement(76413..76934) CDS membrane protein View View
458 GCA_001436645.1_00443 AYZI01000002.1 77074..79674 CDS bacterial membrane protein YfhO yfhO View View
459 GCA_001436645.1_00444 AYZI01000002.1 79677..80336 CDS phosphoglycerate mutase gpmB_2 View View
460 GCA_001436645.1_00445 AYZI01000002.1 80557..81210 CDS thiaminase II tenA View View
461 GCA_001436645.1_00446 AYZI01000002.1 81212..82024 CDS phosphomethylpyrimidine kinase thiD_1 View View
462 GCA_001436645.1_00447 AYZI01000002.1 82011..82673 CDS thiamine-phosphate pyrophosphorylase thiE View View
463 GCA_001436645.1_00448 AYZI01000002.1 82663..83451 CDS hydroxyethylthiazole kinase thiM View View
464 GCA_001436645.1_00449 AYZI01000002.1 83538..86303 CDS cation transport ATPase mgtA_2 View View
465 GCA_001436645.1_00450 AYZI01000002.1 complement(86388..87149) CDS pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase proC View View
466 GCA_001436645.1_00451 AYZI01000002.1 complement(87204..88562) CDS hypothetical protein View View
467 GCA_001436645.1_00452 AYZI01000002.1 89243..90616 CDS branched-chain amino acid permease brnQ_2 View View
468 GCA_001436645.1_00453 AYZI01000002.1 91056..91877 CDS amino acid ABC transporter substrate-binding protein View View
469 GCA_001436645.1_00454 AYZI01000002.1 complement(91974..93716) CDS phosphoglucomutase pgm View View
470 GCA_001436645.1_00455 AYZI01000002.1 93888..94160 CDS acetyltransferase View View
471 GCA_001436645.1_00456 AYZI01000002.1 94165..95154 CDS UDP-glucose 4-epimerase galE View View
472 GCA_001436645.1_00457 AYZI01000002.1 95158..96069 CDS drug/metabolite transporter permease rhaT_2 View View
473 GCA_001436645.1_00458 AYZI01000002.1 96203..96835 CDS TetR family transcriptional regulator tetR_1 View View
474 GCA_001436645.1_00459 AYZI01000002.1 96832..99522 CDS membrane protein View View
475 GCA_001436645.1_00460 AYZI01000002.1 99660..100598 CDS drug/metabolite transporter permease rhaT_3 View View
476 GCA_001436645.1_00461 AYZI01000002.1 100601..100945 CDS hypothetical protein View View
477 GCA_001436645.1_00462 AYZI01000002.1 100935..101858 CDS drug/metabolite transporter permease rhaT_4 View View
478 GCA_001436645.1_00463 AYZI01000002.1 complement(101921..103144) CDS major facilitator superfamily transporter View View
479 GCA_001436645.1_00464 AYZI01000002.1 103815..104546 CDS orotidine 5'-phosphate decarboxylase pyrF View View
480 GCA_001436645.1_00465 AYZI01000002.1 104539..105174 CDS orotate phosphoribosyltransferase pyrE View View
481 GCA_001436645.1_00466 AYZI01000002.1 105313..108369 CDS cell wall hydrolase View View
482 GCA_001436645.1_00467 AYZI01000002.1 108532..109719 CDS hypothetical protein View View
483 GCA_001436645.1_00468 AYZI01000002.1 109764..110648 CDS 2,5-diketo-D-gluconic acid reductase View View
484 GCA_001436645.1_00469 AYZI01000002.1 110989..111243 CDS acyl carrier protein acpP_1 View View
485 GCA_001436645.1_00470 AYZI01000002.1 111264..111848 CDS phosphopantetheinyltransferase View View
486 GCA_001436645.1_00471 AYZI01000002.1 complement(111924..113186) CDS adenylosuccinate synthetase purA View View
487 GCA_001436645.1_00472 AYZI01000002.1 113386..114681 CDS adenylosuccinate lyase purB View View
488 GCA_001436645.1_00473 AYZI01000002.1 114741..115991 CDS cytosine deaminase codA View View
489 GCA_001436645.1_00474 AYZI01000002.1 116020..117399 CDS fumarate hydratase fumC View View
490 GCA_001436645.1_00475 AYZI01000002.1 complement(117444..118439) CDS hypothetical protein View View
491 GCA_001436645.1_00476 AYZI01000002.1 118611..118778 CDS hypothetical protein View View
492 GCA_001436645.1_00477 AYZI01000002.1 119012..119455 CDS 3-hydroxyacyl-ACP dehydratase fabA_1 View View
493 GCA_001436645.1_00478 AYZI01000002.1 119462..120436 CDS 3-oxoacyl-ACP synthase 3 fabH View View
494 GCA_001436645.1_00479 AYZI01000002.1 120470..120724 CDS acyl carrier protein acpP_2 View View
495 GCA_001436645.1_00480 AYZI01000002.1 120742..121656 CDS ACP S-malonyltransferase fabD View View
496 GCA_001436645.1_00481 AYZI01000002.1 121660..122394 CDS 3-oxoacyl-ACP reductase fabG View View
497 GCA_001436645.1_00482 AYZI01000002.1 122415..123656 CDS 3-oxoacyl-ACP synthase 2 fabB View View
498 GCA_001436645.1_00483 AYZI01000002.1 123656..124081 CDS acetyl-CoA carboxylase, biotin carboxyl carrier protein accB View View
499 GCA_001436645.1_00484 AYZI01000002.1 124084..124506 CDS 3-hydroxyacyl-ACP dehydratase fabA_2 View View
500 GCA_001436645.1_00485 AYZI01000002.1 124510..125883 CDS acetyl-CoA carboxylase, biotin carboxylase subunit accC View View
501 GCA_001436645.1_00486 AYZI01000002.1 125870..126709 CDS acetyl-CoA carboxylase, carboxyl transferase subunit beta accD View View
502 GCA_001436645.1_00487 AYZI01000002.1 126684..127472 CDS acetyl-CoA carboxylase, carboxyl transferase subunit alpha accA View View
503 GCA_001436645.1_00488 AYZI01000002.1 127549..128316 CDS enoyl-ACP reductase 1 fabI View View
504 GCA_001436645.1_00489 AYZI01000002.1 128316..129092 CDS biotin-[acetyl-CoA-carboxylase] ligase View View
505 GCA_001436645.1_00490 AYZI01000002.1 129093..129641 CDS TetR family transcriptional regulator tetR_2 View View
506 GCA_001436645.1_00491 AYZI01000002.1 complement(129709..129912) CDS cold-shock protein csp_1 View View
507 GCA_001436645.1_00492 AYZI01000002.1 130112..130816 CDS NADPH-quinone reductase mdaB View View
508 GCA_001436645.1_00493 AYZI01000002.1 130819..130998 CDS hypothetical protein View View
509 GCA_001436645.1_00494 AYZI01000002.1 131213..133588 CDS sucrose-6-phosphate hydrolase View View
510 GCA_001436645.1_00494 AYZI01000002.1 131213..131317 sig_peptide View
511 GCA_001436645.1_00495 AYZI01000002.1 complement(133640..135046) CDS major facilitator superfamily transporter View View
512 GCA_001436645.1_00496 AYZI01000002.1 complement(135149..136318) CDS acetylornithine deacetylase/succinyl-diaminopimelate desuccinylase argE_2 View View
513 GCA_001436645.1_00497 AYZI01000002.1 136499..140461 CDS CRISPR-associated protein Csn1 View View
514 AYZI01000002.1 140554..141263 repeat_region CRISPR View
515 GCA_001436645.1_00498 AYZI01000002.1 141579..141950 CDS hypothetical protein View View
516 GCA_001436645.1_00499 AYZI01000002.1 complement(142449..143966) CDS integral membrane protein View View
517 GCA_001436645.1_00500 AYZI01000002.1 144363..146045 CDS hypothetical protein View View
518 GCA_001436645.1_00501 AYZI01000002.1 146353..147432 CDS carbamoyl phosphate synthase small subunit carA_1 View View
519 GCA_001436645.1_00502 AYZI01000002.1 147448..150621 CDS carbamoyl phosphate synthase large subunit carB_1 View View
520 GCA_001436645.1_00503 AYZI01000002.1 150975..152552 CDS chromosome partition protein Smc smc View View
521 GCA_001436645.1_00503 AYZI01000002.1 150975..151094 sig_peptide smc View
522 GCA_001436645.1_00504 AYZI01000002.1 complement(153298..153373) tRNA tRNA-Asn View
523 GCA_001436645.1_00505 AYZI01000002.1 complement(153448..154161) CDS two-component system response regulator View View
524 GCA_001436645.1_00506 AYZI01000002.1 154291..155172 CDS phosphate ABC transporter substrate-binding protein pstS View View
525 GCA_001436645.1_00506 AYZI01000002.1 154291..154377 sig_peptide pstS View
526 GCA_001436645.1_00507 AYZI01000002.1 155172..156095 CDS phosphate ABC transporter permease protein pstC View View
527 GCA_001436645.1_00508 AYZI01000002.1 156092..157000 CDS phosphate ABC transporter permease protein pstA View View
528 GCA_001436645.1_00509 AYZI01000002.1 157012..157800 CDS phosphate ABC transporter ATP-binding protein pstB_1 View View
529 GCA_001436645.1_00510 AYZI01000002.1 157813..158583 CDS phosphate ABC transporter ATP-binding protein pstB_2 View View
530 GCA_001436645.1_00511 AYZI01000002.1 158602..159276 CDS phosphate uptake regulator phoU View View
531 GCA_001436645.1_00512 AYZI01000002.1 159810..160892 CDS cell wall hydrolase View View
532 GCA_001436645.1_00512 AYZI01000002.1 159810..159899 sig_peptide View
533 GCA_001436645.1_00513 AYZI01000002.1 160974..162167 CDS hypothetical protein View View
534 GCA_001436645.1_00514 AYZI01000002.1 complement(162235..162855) CDS lipolytic protein G-D-S-L family protein View View
535 GCA_001436645.1_00515 AYZI01000002.1 162965..163783 CDS phosphopentomutase deoB View View
536 GCA_001436645.1_00516 AYZI01000002.1 163833..165092 CDS nucleoside transport protein nupC View View
537 GCA_001436645.1_00517 AYZI01000002.1 165180..165572 CDS tautomerase View View
538 GCA_001436645.1_00518 AYZI01000002.1 165572..166489 CDS nucleoside hydrolase View View
539 GCA_001436645.1_00519 AYZI01000002.1 166681..167406 CDS 16S rRNA methyltransferase GidB gidB View View
540 GCA_001436645.1_00520 AYZI01000002.1 167422..168192 CDS chromosome partitioning protein ParA parA View View
541 GCA_001436645.1_00521 AYZI01000002.1 168179..169066 CDS chromosome partitioning protein ParB parB View View
542 GCA_001436645.1_00522 AYZI01000002.1 169078..169281 CDS hypothetical protein View View
543 GCA_001436645.1_00523 AYZI01000002.1 169283..170380 CDS GTP-binding protein YchF View View
544 GCA_001436645.1_00524 AYZI01000002.1 170389..171123 CDS membrane protein View View
545 GCA_001436645.1_00525 AYZI01000002.1 171259..171945 CDS two-component system response regulator ompR View View
546 GCA_001436645.1_00526 AYZI01000002.1 171949..173121 CDS two-component system sensor histidine kinase View View
547 GCA_001436645.1_00527 AYZI01000002.1 173214..173990 CDS azaleucine resistance protein AzlC azlC_1 View View
548 GCA_001436645.1_00528 AYZI01000002.1 174004..174336 CDS branched-chain amino acid transporter azlD_1 View View
549 GCA_001436645.1_00529 AYZI01000002.1 complement(174450..175628) CDS cyclopropane-fatty-acyl-phospholipid synthase cfa View View
550 GCA_001436645.1_00530 AYZI01000002.1 175767..176678 CDS hypothetical protein View View
551 GCA_001436645.1_00531 AYZI01000002.1 176711..177787 CDS membrane protein perM_1 View View
552 GCA_001436645.1_00532 AYZI01000002.1 177840..178535 CDS 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate-dependent phosphoglycerate mutase gpmA_2 View View
553 GCA_001436645.1_00533 AYZI01000002.1 178686..180161 CDS major facilitator superfamily transporter View View
554 GCA_001436645.1_00534 AYZI01000002.1 180158..180940 CDS hypothetical protein View View
555 GCA_001436645.1_00535 AYZI01000002.1 complement(180989..181900) CDS metal ABC transporter substrate-binding protein View View
556 GCA_001436645.1_00535 AYZI01000002.1 complement(181796..181900) sig_peptide View
557 GCA_001436645.1_00536 AYZI01000020.1 90..995 CDS CRISPR-associated protein Cas1 View View
558 GCA_001436645.1_00537 AYZI01000020.1 958..1278 CDS CRISPR-associated protein Cas2 View View
559 GCA_001436645.1_00538 AYZI01000020.1 1275..1940 CDS CRISPR-associated protein Csn2 View View
560 GCA_001436645.1_00539 AYZI01000021.1 140..1710 rRNA 16S ribosomal RNA View
561 GCA_001436645.1_00540 AYZI01000022.1 521..718 CDS hypothetical protein View View
562 GCA_001436645.1_00541 AYZI01000022.1 complement(719..985) CDS hypothetical protein View View
563 GCA_001436645.1_00542 AYZI01000022.1 1054..1242 CDS hypothetical protein View View
564 GCA_001436645.1_00543 AYZI01000023.1 18..503 CDS hypothetical protein View View
565 GCA_001436645.1_00544 AYZI01000023.1 521..745 CDS hypothetical protein View View
566 GCA_001436645.1_00545 AYZI01000023.1 742..918 CDS hypothetical protein View View
567 GCA_001436645.1_00546 AYZI01000023.1 921..1202 CDS hypothetical protein View View
568 GCA_001436645.1_00547 AYZI01000025.1 276..1103 CDS DNA replication protein dnaC View View
569 GCA_001436645.1_00548 AYZI01000026.1 545..922 CDS hypothetical protein View View
570 GCA_001436645.1_00549 AYZI01000003.1 15..1073 CDS hypothetical protein View View
571 GCA_001436645.1_00550 AYZI01000003.1 1070..1429 CDS hypothetical protein View View
572 GCA_001436645.1_00551 AYZI01000003.1 1432..1710 CDS hypothetical protein View View
573 GCA_001436645.1_00552 AYZI01000003.1 complement(1988..2638) CDS glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase plsY View View
574 GCA_001436645.1_00553 AYZI01000003.1 2798..4759 CDS DNA topoisomerase IV subunit B parE View View
575 GCA_001436645.1_00554 AYZI01000003.1 4772..7237 CDS DNA topoisomerase IV subunit A parC View View
576 GCA_001436645.1_00555 AYZI01000003.1 7312..8250 CDS manganese-dependent inorganic pyrophosphatase ppaC View View
577 GCA_001436645.1_00556 AYZI01000003.1 8372..8809 CDS peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase MsrB msrB View View
578 GCA_001436645.1_00557 AYZI01000003.1 8834..9367 CDS peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase msrA View View
579 GCA_001436645.1_00558 AYZI01000003.1 9425..10036 CDS hypothetical protein View View
580 GCA_001436645.1_00558 AYZI01000003.1 9425..9514 sig_peptide View
581 GCA_001436645.1_00559 AYZI01000003.1 10202..11140 CDS peroxidase View View
582 GCA_001436645.1_00560 AYZI01000003.1 11434..12639 CDS excinuclease ABC subunit A View View
583 GCA_001436645.1_00561 AYZI01000003.1 12632..12952 CDS acetyl-CoA carboxylase View View
584 GCA_001436645.1_00562 AYZI01000003.1 12975..13313 CDS hypothetical protein View View
585 GCA_001436645.1_00563 AYZI01000003.1 complement(13719..14033) CDS MarR family transcriptional regulator View View
586 GCA_001436645.1_00564 AYZI01000003.1 14162..15022 CDS pseudomonas avirulence D protein (AvrD) View View
587 GCA_001436645.1_00565 AYZI01000003.1 15015..15785 CDS hypothetical protein View View
588 GCA_001436645.1_00566 AYZI01000003.1 15806..16507 CDS antimicrobial peptide ABC transporter ATP-binding protein View View
589 GCA_001436645.1_00567 AYZI01000003.1 16504..18798 CDS hypothetical protein View View
590 GCA_001436645.1_00568 AYZI01000003.1 19028..20146 CDS NADH-dependent flavin oxidoreductase nemA View View
591 GCA_001436645.1_00569 AYZI01000003.1 20754..22310 CDS major facilitator superfamily transporter View View
592 GCA_001436645.1_00570 AYZI01000003.1 22315..22440 CDS hypothetical protein View View
593 GCA_001436645.1_00571 AYZI01000003.1 22701..23225 CDS PadR family transcriptional regulator padR View View
594 GCA_001436645.1_00572 AYZI01000003.1 complement(23538..23750) CDS hypothetical protein View View
595 GCA_001436645.1_00573 AYZI01000003.1 complement(24293..25165) CDS DegV family protein degV_2 View View
596 GCA_001436645.1_00574 AYZI01000003.1 complement(25187..25600) CDS MarR family transcriptional regulator marR_2 View View
597 GCA_001436645.1_00575 AYZI01000003.1 25731..27431 CDS fibronectin-binding protein View View
598 GCA_001436645.1_00576 AYZI01000003.1 complement(27476..30016) CDS carbamoyl phosphate synthase large subunit carB_2 View View
599 GCA_001436645.1_00577 AYZI01000003.1 complement(30000..31097) CDS carbamoyl phosphate synthase small subunit carA_2 View View
600 GCA_001436645.1_00578 AYZI01000003.1 complement(31130..31660) CDS uracil phosphoribosyltransferase pyrR View View
601 GCA_001436645.1_00579 AYZI01000003.1 complement(31675..32586) CDS ribosomal large subunit pseudouridine synthase D rluD_2 View View
602 GCA_001436645.1_00580 AYZI01000003.1 complement(32586..33056) CDS lipoprotein signal peptidase lspA View View
603 GCA_001436645.1_00581 AYZI01000003.1 complement(33043..34701) CDS formate--tetrahydrofolate ligase fhs View View
604 GCA_001436645.1_00582 AYZI01000003.1 complement(34722..35108) CDS hypothetical protein View View
605 GCA_001436645.1_00583 AYZI01000003.1 35149..35559 CDS ribonuclease HI rnhA View View
606 GCA_001436645.1_00584 AYZI01000003.1 complement(35550..36650) CDS oxidoreductase View View
607 GCA_001436645.1_00585 AYZI01000003.1 complement(36651..38051) CDS RNA methyltransferase rlmL View View
608 GCA_001436645.1_00586 AYZI01000003.1 complement(38256..38639) CDS cell division protein GpsB gpsB View View
609 GCA_001436645.1_00587 AYZI01000003.1 complement(38689..39249) CDS hypothetical protein View View
610 GCA_001436645.1_00588 AYZI01000003.1 39355..39987 CDS recombination protein RecU recU View View
611 GCA_001436645.1_00589 AYZI01000003.1 39977..42307 CDS penicillin-binding protein 1A View View
612 GCA_001436645.1_00590 AYZI01000003.1 complement(42371..43072) CDS DNA replication protein DnaD dnaD View View
613 GCA_001436645.1_00591 AYZI01000003.1 complement(43093..43593) CDS hypothetical protein View View
614 GCA_001436645.1_00592 AYZI01000003.1 complement(43662..46439) CDS ATP-dependent helicase View View
615 GCA_001436645.1_00593 AYZI01000003.1 46577..47518 CDS mevalonate kinase mvk View View
616 GCA_001436645.1_00594 AYZI01000003.1 47532..48512 CDS diphosphomevalonate decarboxylase mvaD View View
617 GCA_001436645.1_00595 AYZI01000003.1 48527..49615 CDS phosphomevalonate kinase pmk View View
618 GCA_001436645.1_00596 AYZI01000003.1 49612..50643 CDS isopentenyl pyrophosphate isomerase View View
619 GCA_001436645.1_00597 AYZI01000003.1 complement(50723..52066) CDS 23S rRNA methyltransferase View View
620 GCA_001436645.1_00598 AYZI01000003.1 complement(52069..53574) CDS glycerol kinase glpK_1 View View
621 GCA_001436645.1_00599 AYZI01000003.1 53729..55150 CDS dipeptidase View View
622 GCA_001436645.1_00600 AYZI01000003.1 55167..56675 CDS amino acid permease View View
623 GCA_001436645.1_00600 AYZI01000003.1 55167..55265 sig_peptide View
624 GCA_001436645.1_00601 AYZI01000003.1 complement(56758..57636) CDS fructose-bisphosphate aldolase fba View View
625 GCA_001436645.1_00602 AYZI01000003.1 complement(57657..58244) CDS 5'(3')-deoxyribonucleotidase View View
626 GCA_001436645.1_00603 AYZI01000003.1 complement(58364..61327) CDS type III restriction endonuclease StyLTI View View
627 GCA_001436645.1_00604 AYZI01000003.1 complement(61331..63337) CDS DNA methylase View View
628 GCA_001436645.1_00605 AYZI01000003.1 63469..64299 CDS 2,5-diketo-D-gluconic acid reductase View View
629 GCA_001436645.1_00606 AYZI01000003.1 complement(64399..64758) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L19 rplS View View
630 GCA_001436645.1_00607 AYZI01000003.1 complement(64869..65615) CDS tRNA (guanine-N1)-methyltransferase trmD View View
631 GCA_001436645.1_00608 AYZI01000003.1 complement(65615..66130) CDS 16S rRNA processing protein RimM rimM View View
632 GCA_001436645.1_00609 AYZI01000003.1 complement(66188..66409) CDS RNA-binding protein View View
633 GCA_001436645.1_00610 AYZI01000003.1 complement(66440..66718) CDS 30S ribosomal protein S16 rpsP View View
634 GCA_001436645.1_00611 AYZI01000003.1 complement(66801..68240) CDS signal recognition particle protein ffh View View
635 GCA_001436645.1_00612 AYZI01000003.1 complement(68250..68612) CDS DNA-binding protein View View
636 GCA_001436645.1_00613 AYZI01000003.1 complement(68605..69867) CDS cell division protein FtsY ftsY View View
637 GCA_001436645.1_00614 AYZI01000003.1 complement(69884..73411) CDS chromosome segregation protein SMC View View
638 GCA_001436645.1_00615 AYZI01000003.1 complement(73429..74139) CDS ribonuclease III rnc View View
639 GCA_001436645.1_00616 AYZI01000003.1 complement(74221..74481) CDS acyl carrier protein acpP_3 View View
640 GCA_001436645.1_00617 AYZI01000003.1 complement(74492..75523) CDS phosphate acyltransferase plsX View View
641 GCA_001436645.1_00618 AYZI01000003.1 complement(75534..77564) CDS ATP-dependent DNA helicase RecG recG View View
642 GCA_001436645.1_00619 AYZI01000003.1 complement(77643..79340) CDS DAK2 domain fusion protein YloV yloV View View
643 GCA_001436645.1_00620 AYZI01000003.1 complement(79375..79737) CDS hypothetical protein View View
644 GCA_001436645.1_00621 AYZI01000003.1 complement(80170..80814) CDS thiamine pyrophosphokinase tpk View View
645 GCA_001436645.1_00622 AYZI01000003.1 complement(80823..81482) CDS ribulose-5-phosphate 3-epimerase rpe View View
646 GCA_001436645.1_00623 AYZI01000003.1 complement(81479..82390) CDS ribosome biogenesis GTPase RsgA rsgA View View
647 GCA_001436645.1_00624 AYZI01000003.1 complement(82383..83726) CDS 16S rRNA methyltransferase sun View View
648 GCA_001436645.1_00625 AYZI01000003.1 complement(83716..84660) CDS methionyl-tRNA formyltransferase fmt View View
649 GCA_001436645.1_00626 AYZI01000003.1 complement(84669..87071) CDS primosomal protein N' priA View View
650 GCA_001436645.1_00627 AYZI01000003.1 complement(87089..88297) CDS phosphopantothenoylcysteine decarboxylase/phosphopantothenate-cysteine ligase View View
651 GCA_001436645.1_00628 AYZI01000003.1 complement(88408..88608) CDS DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit omega rpoZ View View
652 GCA_001436645.1_00629 AYZI01000003.1 complement(88608..89225) CDS guanylate kinase gmk_1 View View
653 GCA_001436645.1_00630 AYZI01000003.1 complement(89295..90995) CDS DNA repair protein RecN recN View View
654 GCA_001436645.1_00631 AYZI01000003.1 complement(91017..91841) CDS cell division protein FtsJ ftsJ View View
655 GCA_001436645.1_00632 AYZI01000003.1 complement(91852..92709) CDS geranyltranstransferase View View
656 GCA_001436645.1_00633 AYZI01000003.1 complement(92709..93002) CDS exodeoxyribonuclease VII small subunit xseB View View
657 GCA_001436645.1_00634 AYZI01000003.1 complement(93004..94350) CDS exodeoxyribonuclease VII large subunit xseA View View
658 GCA_001436645.1_00635 AYZI01000003.1 complement(94352..95203) CDS bifunctional 5,10-methylene-tetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase/5,10-methylene-tetrahydrofolate cyclohydrolase folD View View
659 GCA_001436645.1_00636 AYZI01000003.1 complement(95294..95695) CDS transcription antitermination factor NusB nusB View View
660 GCA_001436645.1_00637 AYZI01000003.1 complement(95685..96122) CDS alkaline shock protein View View
661 GCA_001436645.1_00638 AYZI01000003.1 complement(96159..96725) CDS translation elongation factor P efp View View
662 GCA_001436645.1_00639 AYZI01000003.1 complement(96837..97133) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L27 rpmA View View
663 GCA_001436645.1_00640 AYZI01000003.1 complement(97153..97476) CDS hypothetical protein View View
664 GCA_001436645.1_00641 AYZI01000003.1 complement(97482..97790) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L21 rplU View View
665 GCA_001436645.1_00642 AYZI01000003.1 complement(97978..98054) tRNA tRNA-Arg View
666 GCA_001436645.1_00643 AYZI01000003.1 complement(98119..98640) CDS hypothetical protein View View
667 GCA_001436645.1_00644 AYZI01000003.1 complement(98642..99559) CDS tRNA delta(2)-isopentenylpyrophosphate transferase miaA View View
668 GCA_001436645.1_00645 AYZI01000003.1 99648..99824 CDS hypothetical protein View View
669 GCA_001436645.1_00646 AYZI01000003.1 complement(99861..100274) CDS rhodanese-like domain protein pspE View View
670 GCA_001436645.1_00647 AYZI01000003.1 complement(100295..101257) CDS glucokinase glk View View
671 GCA_001436645.1_00648 AYZI01000003.1 complement(101274..101480) CDS hypothetical protein View View
672 GCA_001436645.1_00649 AYZI01000003.1 complement(101519..102187) CDS membrane-associated serine protease glpG View View
673 GCA_001436645.1_00650 AYZI01000003.1 complement(102193..102732) CDS 5-formyltetrahydrofolate cyclo-ligase View View
674 GCA_001436645.1_00651 AYZI01000003.1 complement(102779..102928) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L33 rpmG View View
675 GCA_001436645.1_00652 AYZI01000003.1 complement(103049..105112) CDS penicillin-binding protein 2B ftsI_1 View View
676 GCA_001436645.1_00653 AYZI01000003.1 complement(105261..105737) CDS transcription elongation factor GreA greA View View
677 GCA_001436645.1_00654 AYZI01000003.1 complement(105805..106464) CDS uridine kinase udk View View
678 GCA_001436645.1_00655 AYZI01000003.1 complement(106488..108899) CDS phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase subunit beta pheT View View
679 GCA_001436645.1_00656 AYZI01000003.1 complement(108915..109952) CDS phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase subunit alpha pheS View View
680 GCA_001436645.1_00657 AYZI01000003.1 complement(110218..110574) CDS HxlR family transcriptional regulator hxlR View View
681 GCA_001436645.1_00658 AYZI01000003.1 complement(110586..111086) CDS haloacid dehalogenase View View
682 GCA_001436645.1_00659 AYZI01000003.1 complement(111106..111876) CDS rRNA methyltransferase spoU_2 View View
683 GCA_001436645.1_00660 AYZI01000003.1 112069..113010 CDS preprotein translocase subunit YidC yidC_1 View View
684 GCA_001436645.1_00660 AYZI01000003.1 112069..112155 sig_peptide yidC_1 View
685 GCA_001436645.1_00661 AYZI01000003.1 complement(113218..113916) CDS membrane protein View View
686 GCA_001436645.1_00662 AYZI01000003.1 complement(113986..115407) CDS glutamate-cysteine ligase gshA_1 View View
687 GCA_001436645.1_00663 AYZI01000003.1 complement(115670..117121) CDS glutamate-cysteine ligase gshA_2 View View
688 GCA_001436645.1_00664 AYZI01000003.1 complement(117250..117432) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L32 rpmF View View
689 GCA_001436645.1_00665 AYZI01000003.1 complement(117474..118028) CDS DNA-binding protein View View
690 GCA_001436645.1_00666 AYZI01000003.1 complement(118081..119238) CDS nucleotidyltransferase ylbM View View
691 GCA_001436645.1_00667 AYZI01000003.1 complement(119235..119978) CDS SAM-dependent methyltransferase smtA_1 View View
692 GCA_001436645.1_00668 AYZI01000003.1 complement(119982..120341) CDS ribosome silencing factor RsfS rsfS View View
693 GCA_001436645.1_00669 AYZI01000003.1 complement(120357..120956) CDS hypothetical protein View View
694 GCA_001436645.1_00670 AYZI01000003.1 complement(120940..121527) CDS nicotinic acid mononucleotide adenylyltransferase nadD View View
695 GCA_001436645.1_00671 AYZI01000003.1 complement(121537..121863) CDS RNA-binding protein View View
696 GCA_001436645.1_00672 AYZI01000003.1 complement(121863..122993) CDS GTPase View View
697 GCA_001436645.1_00673 AYZI01000003.1 complement(122993..123523) CDS HAD family hydrolase View View
698 GCA_001436645.1_00674 AYZI01000003.1 complement(123646..123999) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L20 rplT View View
699 GCA_001436645.1_00675 AYZI01000003.1 complement(124024..124218) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L35 rpmI View View
700 GCA_001436645.1_00676 AYZI01000003.1 complement(124247..124750) CDS translation initiation factor IF-3 infC View View
701 GCA_001436645.1_00677 AYZI01000003.1 complement(124967..126907) CDS threonyl-tRNA synthetase thrS View View
702 GCA_001436645.1_00678 AYZI01000003.1 complement(127161..128090) CDS primosomal protein DnaI dnaI View View
703 GCA_001436645.1_00679 AYZI01000003.1 complement(128083..129408) CDS replicative DNA helicase dnaB_1 View View
704 GCA_001436645.1_00680 AYZI01000003.1 complement(129408..129890) CDS NrdR family transcriptional regulator nrdR View View
705 GCA_001436645.1_00681 AYZI01000003.1 complement(129897..130469) CDS dephospho-CoA kinase coaE View View
706 GCA_001436645.1_00682 AYZI01000003.1 complement(130462..131304) CDS formamidopyrimidine-DNA glycosylase nei View View
707 GCA_001436645.1_00683 AYZI01000003.1 complement(131320..134004) CDS DNA polymerase I polA View View
708 GCA_001436645.1_00684 AYZI01000003.1 complement(134157..135509) CDS UDP-N-acetylmuramate--L-alanine ligase murC View View
709 GCA_001436645.1_00685 AYZI01000003.1 complement(135583..137703) CDS cell division protein FtsK ftsK_1 View View
710 GCA_001436645.1_00686 AYZI01000003.1 complement(137752..138387) CDS tRNA binding domain protein View View
711 GCA_001436645.1_00687 AYZI01000003.1 complement(138413..138736) CDS thiol-disulfide isomerase/thioredoxin trxA_3 View View
712 GCA_001436645.1_00688 AYZI01000003.1 138826..139137 CDS hypothetical protein View View
713 GCA_001436645.1_00689 AYZI01000003.1 complement(139134..139793) CDS tRNA (guanine-N(7)-)-methyltransferase View View
714 GCA_001436645.1_00690 AYZI01000003.1 complement(139783..141009) CDS multidrug ABC transporter permease protein View View
715 GCA_001436645.1_00691 AYZI01000003.1 complement(141002..141739) CDS ABC transporter ATP-binding protein View View
716 GCA_001436645.1_00692 AYZI01000003.1 141843..142280 CDS histidine triad protein HIT hit View View
717 GCA_001436645.1_00693 AYZI01000003.1 142400..143287 CDS peptidylprolyl isomerase surA View View
718 GCA_001436645.1_00693 AYZI01000003.1 142400..142498 sig_peptide surA View
719 GCA_001436645.1_00694 AYZI01000003.1 complement(143340..145931) CDS DNA repair ATPase View View
720 GCA_001436645.1_00695 AYZI01000003.1 complement(145921..147144) CDS phosphoesterase View View
721 GCA_001436645.1_00696 AYZI01000003.1 complement(147201..147548) CDS hypothetical protein View View
722 GCA_001436645.1_00697 AYZI01000003.1 complement(147598..149700) CDS penicillin-binding protein 2A View View
723 GCA_001436645.1_00698 AYZI01000003.1 complement(149807..151498) CDS arginyl-tRNA synthetase argS View View
724 GCA_001436645.1_00699 AYZI01000003.1 complement(151715..151785) tRNA tRNA-Gly View
725 GCA_001436645.1_00700 AYZI01000003.1 151872..152207 CDS hypothetical protein View View
726 GCA_001436645.1_00701 AYZI01000003.1 complement(152210..152926) CDS aspartate racemase racX View View
727 GCA_001436645.1_00702 AYZI01000003.1 complement(152926..154185) CDS carboxylate--amine ligase View View
728 GCA_001436645.1_00703 AYZI01000003.1 complement(154234..155766) CDS UDP-N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanyl-D-glutamate--L- lysine ligase murE_2 View View
729 GCA_001436645.1_00704 AYZI01000003.1 complement(155898..156356) CDS MarR family transcriptional regulator marR_3 View View
730 GCA_001436645.1_00705 AYZI01000003.1 156579..156663 tRNA tRNA-Ser View
731 GCA_001436645.1_00706 AYZI01000003.1 157098..157682 CDS membrane protein View View
732 GCA_001436645.1_00707 AYZI01000003.1 157703..158281 CDS membrane protein View View
733 GCA_001436645.1_00708 AYZI01000003.1 158446..158826 CDS chromosome condensation protein CrcB crcB_1 View View
734 GCA_001436645.1_00709 AYZI01000003.1 158826..159176 CDS camphor resistance protein CrcB crcB_2 View View
735 GCA_001436645.1_00710 AYZI01000003.1 159486..160289 CDS alpha/beta hydrolase mhpC View View
736 GCA_001436645.1_00711 AYZI01000003.1 complement(160305..161585) CDS conjugal transfer protein View View
737 GCA_001436645.1_00712 AYZI01000003.1 complement(161710..162000) CDS XRE family transcriptional regulator xre_3 View View
738 GCA_001436645.1_00713 AYZI01000003.1 complement(162000..162383) CDS toxin RelE View View
739 GCA_001436645.1_00714 AYZI01000003.1 complement(162475..162720) CDS hypothetical protein View View
740 GCA_001436645.1_00715 AYZI01000003.1 complement(162690..162941) CDS hypothetical protein View View
741 GCA_001436645.1_00716 AYZI01000003.1 complement(163027..164175) CDS hypothetical protein View View
742 GCA_001436645.1_00717 AYZI01000003.1 complement(164297..164935) CDS short-chain dehydrogenase/oxidoreductase View View
743 GCA_001436645.1_00718 AYZI01000003.1 complement(164949..165791) CDS oxidoreductase View View
744 GCA_001436645.1_00719 AYZI01000003.1 165924..166328 CDS MerR family transcriptional regulator merR_3 View View
745 GCA_001436645.1_00720 AYZI01000003.1 complement(166375..167112) CDS short-chain dehydrogenase/oxidoreductase View View
746 GCA_001436645.1_00721 AYZI01000003.1 complement(167260..167880) CDS putative NAD(P)H-dependent FMN-containing oxidoreductase YwqN ywqN View View
747 GCA_001436645.1_00721 AYZI01000003.1 complement(167764..167880) sig_peptide ywqN View
748 GCA_001436645.1_00722 AYZI01000003.1 complement(168425..169759) CDS major facilitator superfamily transporter View View
749 GCA_001436645.1_00723 AYZI01000003.1 169921..170442 CDS flavodoxin fldA_1 View View
750 GCA_001436645.1_00724 AYZI01000003.1 complement(170647..171018) CDS NADPH:quinone reductase qor_2 View View
751 GCA_001436645.1_00725 AYZI01000003.1 complement(171181..171888) CDS filamentation induced by cAMP protein Fic fic_1 View View
752 GCA_001436645.1_00726 AYZI01000003.1 complement(171945..172514) CDS resolvase View View
753 GCA_001436645.1_00727 AYZI01000003.1 172645..172860 CDS hypothetical protein View View
754 GCA_001436645.1_00728 AYZI01000003.1 172860..173255 CDS death-on-curing family protein View View
755 GCA_001436645.1_00729 AYZI01000003.1 173745..174578 CDS integrase View View
756 GCA_001436645.1_00730 AYZI01000003.1 complement(174708..174794) tRNA tRNA-Leu View
757 GCA_001436645.1_00731 AYZI01000003.1 complement(174818..174888) tRNA tRNA-Cys View
758 GCA_001436645.1_00732 AYZI01000003.1 complement(174938..175012) tRNA tRNA-His View
759 GCA_001436645.1_00733 AYZI01000003.1 complement(175025..175097) tRNA tRNA-Trp View
760 GCA_001436645.1_00734 AYZI01000003.1 complement(175100..175185) tRNA tRNA-Tyr View
761 GCA_001436645.1_00735 AYZI01000003.1 complement(175189..175263) tRNA tRNA-Phe View
762 GCA_001436645.1_00736 AYZI01000031.1 180..551 CDS hypothetical protein View View
763 GCA_001436645.1_00737 AYZI01000032.1 93..470 CDS hypothetical protein View View
764 GCA_001436645.1_00738 AYZI01000033.1 complement(60..491) CDS hypothetical protein View View
765 GCA_001436645.1_00739 AYZI01000034.1 complement(60..491) CDS hypothetical protein View View
766 GCA_001436645.1_00740 AYZI01000039.1 complement(31..120) tRNA tRNA-Ser View
767 GCA_001436645.1_00741 AYZI01000039.1 complement(275..350) tRNA tRNA-Met View
768 GCA_001436645.1_00742 AYZI01000039.1 complement(358..433) tRNA tRNA-Met View
769 GCA_001436645.1_00743 AYZI01000004.1 162..608 CDS ArpU family phage transcriptional regulator View View
770 GCA_001436645.1_00744 AYZI01000004.1 958..1758 CDS terminase View View
771 GCA_001436645.1_00745 AYZI01000004.1 1748..3103 CDS phage terminase large subunit xtmB_1 View View
772 GCA_001436645.1_00746 AYZI01000004.1 3103..4800 CDS phage portal protein View View
773 GCA_001436645.1_00747 AYZI01000004.1 4778..5236 CDS hypothetical protein View View
774 GCA_001436645.1_00748 AYZI01000004.1 5236..6537 CDS hypothetical protein View View
775 GCA_001436645.1_00749 AYZI01000004.1 6540..6680 CDS hypothetical protein View View
776 GCA_001436645.1_00750 AYZI01000004.1 6806..7408 CDS hypothetical protein View View
777 GCA_001436645.1_00751 AYZI01000004.1 7410..8447 CDS phage-related minor capsid protein View View
778 GCA_001436645.1_00752 AYZI01000004.1 8456..8803 CDS hypothetical protein View View
779 GCA_001436645.1_00753 AYZI01000004.1 8796..9413 CDS hypothetical protein View View
780 GCA_001436645.1_00754 AYZI01000004.1 9410..9748 CDS hypothetical protein View View
781 GCA_001436645.1_00755 AYZI01000004.1 9777..10181 CDS hypothetical protein View View
782 GCA_001436645.1_00756 AYZI01000004.1 10185..11279 CDS hypothetical protein View View
783 GCA_001436645.1_00757 AYZI01000004.1 11293..11784 CDS hypothetical protein View View
784 GCA_001436645.1_00758 AYZI01000004.1 11836..12474 CDS hypothetical protein View View
785 GCA_001436645.1_00759 AYZI01000004.1 12425..12724 CDS hypothetical protein View View
786 GCA_001436645.1_00760 AYZI01000004.1 12743..16579 CDS tail protein View View
787 GCA_001436645.1_00761 AYZI01000004.1 16579..17532 CDS LysM domain protein View View
788 GCA_001436645.1_00762 AYZI01000004.1 17532..17873 CDS hypothetical protein View View
789 GCA_001436645.1_00763 AYZI01000004.1 17860..18774 CDS hypothetical protein View View
790 GCA_001436645.1_00764 AYZI01000004.1 18767..19159 CDS hypothetical protein View View
791 GCA_001436645.1_00765 AYZI01000004.1 19156..19542 CDS hypothetical protein View View
792 GCA_001436645.1_00766 AYZI01000004.1 19526..20758 CDS hypothetical protein View View
793 GCA_001436645.1_00767 AYZI01000004.1 20764..21435 CDS hypothetical protein View View
794 GCA_001436645.1_00768 AYZI01000004.1 21440..22363 CDS phage related protein View View
795 GCA_001436645.1_00769 AYZI01000004.1 22375..22770 CDS hypothetical protein View View
796 GCA_001436645.1_00770 AYZI01000004.1 22763..23104 CDS hypothetical protein View View
797 GCA_001436645.1_00771 AYZI01000004.1 23088..23561 CDS hypothetical protein View View
798 GCA_001436645.1_00772 AYZI01000004.1 23561..24565 CDS 1,4-beta-N-acetylmuramidase View View
799 GCA_001436645.1_00773 AYZI01000004.1 complement(24688..24933) CDS hypothetical protein View View
800 GCA_001436645.1_00774 AYZI01000004.1 25397..25798 CDS hypothetical protein View View
801 GCA_001436645.1_00775 AYZI01000004.1 25809..26444 CDS hypothetical protein View View
802 GCA_001436645.1_00776 AYZI01000004.1 26449..26553 CDS hypothetical protein View View
803 GCA_001436645.1_00777 AYZI01000004.1 26645..26794 CDS hypothetical protein View View
804 GCA_001436645.1_00778 AYZI01000004.1 26999..27466 CDS hypothetical protein View View
805 GCA_001436645.1_00779 AYZI01000004.1 27477..27635 CDS hypothetical protein View View
806 GCA_001436645.1_00780 AYZI01000004.1 27628..28050 CDS hypothetical protein View View
807 GCA_001436645.1_00781 AYZI01000004.1 28272..29291 CDS adenine-specific DNA methylase View View
808 GCA_001436645.1_00782 AYZI01000004.1 29305..30501 CDS acetate kinase ackA View View
809 GCA_001436645.1_00783 AYZI01000004.1 30627..31997 CDS amino acid permease View View
810 GCA_001436645.1_00784 AYZI01000004.1 32090..33496 CDS 5'-nucleotidase View View
811 GCA_001436645.1_00785 AYZI01000004.1 33477..33989 CDS transcriptional regulator View View
812 GCA_001436645.1_00786 AYZI01000004.1 33995..34774 CDS HAD family hydrolase View View
813 GCA_001436645.1_00787 AYZI01000004.1 34740..35396 CDS membrane protein View View
814 GCA_001436645.1_00788 AYZI01000004.1 complement(35592..36245) CDS DedA family protein dedA View View
815 GCA_001436645.1_00789 AYZI01000004.1 36479..36553 tRNA tRNA-Asn View
816 GCA_001436645.1_00790 AYZI01000004.1 36567..36656 tRNA tRNA-Ser View
817 GCA_001436645.1_00791 AYZI01000004.1 36661..36735 tRNA tRNA-Glu View
818 GCA_001436645.1_00792 AYZI01000004.1 36750..36825 tRNA tRNA-Met View
819 GCA_001436645.1_00793 AYZI01000004.1 complement(36947..37459) CDS hypothetical protein View View
820 GCA_001436645.1_00794 AYZI01000004.1 37554..38294 CDS metal-dependent hydrolase View View
821 GCA_001436645.1_00795 AYZI01000004.1 38315..38971 CDS adapter protein MecA mecA View View
822 GCA_001436645.1_00796 AYZI01000004.1 39008..40093 CDS competence protein CoiA coiA View View
823 GCA_001436645.1_00797 AYZI01000004.1 40093..41892 CDS oligoendopeptidase F pepF View View
824 GCA_001436645.1_00798 AYZI01000004.1 complement(41911..42477) CDS dithiol-disulfide isomerase frnE View View
825 GCA_001436645.1_00799 AYZI01000004.1 42631..43257 CDS GTP pyrophosphokinase relA_1 View View
826 GCA_001436645.1_00800 AYZI01000004.1 43260..44069 CDS ATP-NAD kinase View View
827 GCA_001436645.1_00801 AYZI01000004.1 44062..44946 CDS ribosomal large subunit pseudouridine synthase D rluD_3 View View
828 GCA_001436645.1_00802 AYZI01000004.1 44981..45517 CDS RNA methyltransferase cspR View View
829 GCA_001436645.1_00803 AYZI01000004.1 45657..47789 CDS cell division protein FtsK ftsK_2 View View
830 GCA_001436645.1_00804 AYZI01000004.1 48055..48453 CDS hypothetical protein View View
831 GCA_001436645.1_00805 AYZI01000004.1 48577..49002 CDS cell division protein MraZ mraZ View View
832 GCA_001436645.1_00806 AYZI01000004.1 49023..49961 CDS 16S rRNA (cytosine(1402)-N(4))-methyltransferase mraW View View
833 GCA_001436645.1_00807 AYZI01000004.1 49980..50351 CDS cell division protein FtsL ftsL View View
834 GCA_001436645.1_00808 AYZI01000004.1 50348..52492 CDS penicillin-binding protein 2B ftsI_2 View View
835 GCA_001436645.1_00809 AYZI01000004.1 52528..53484 CDS phospho-N-acetylmuramoyl-pentapeptide transferase mraY View View
836 GCA_001436645.1_00810 AYZI01000004.1 53504..54877 CDS UDP-N-acetylmuramoylalanine--D-glutamate ligase murD View View
837 GCA_001436645.1_00811 AYZI01000004.1 54882..55997 CDS UDP-N-acetylglucosamine--N-acetylmuramyl- (pentapeptide) pyrophosphoryl-undecaprenol N-acetylglucosamine transferase murG View View
838 GCA_001436645.1_00812 AYZI01000004.1 56007..56819 CDS cell division protein FtsQ ftsQ View View
839 GCA_001436645.1_00813 AYZI01000004.1 56917..58260 CDS cell division protein FtsA ftsA View View
840 GCA_001436645.1_00814 AYZI01000004.1 58278..59525 CDS cell division protein FtsZ ftsZ_2 View View
841 GCA_001436645.1_00815 AYZI01000004.1 59540..59950 CDS cell division protein SepF sepF View View
842 GCA_001436645.1_00816 AYZI01000004.1 59950..60231 CDS cell division membrane protein View View
843 GCA_001436645.1_00817 AYZI01000004.1 60231..61022 CDS S4-like RNA binding protein View View
844 GCA_001436645.1_00818 AYZI01000004.1 61035..61703 CDS cell division protein DivIVA divIVA View View
845 GCA_001436645.1_00819 AYZI01000004.1 61904..64705 CDS isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase ileS View View
846 GCA_001436645.1_00820 AYZI01000004.1 64752..64955 CDS cold-shock protein csp_2 View View
847 GCA_001436645.1_00821 AYZI01000004.1 65005..65568 CDS ADP-ribose pyrophosphatase View View
848 GCA_001436645.1_00822 AYZI01000004.1 65565..65834 CDS small membrane protein View View
849 GCA_001436645.1_00823 AYZI01000004.1 65857..66558 CDS 5'-methylthioadenosine/S-adenosylhomocysteine nucleosidase View View
850 GCA_001436645.1_00824 AYZI01000004.1 66570..67727 CDS cysteine desulfurase nifS_2 View View
851 GCA_001436645.1_00825 AYZI01000004.1 67730..68083 CDS cysteine desulfurase View View
852 GCA_001436645.1_00826 AYZI01000004.1 68188..69306 CDS tRNA (5-methylaminomethyl-2-thiouridylate)-methyltransferase trmU View View
853 GCA_001436645.1_00827 AYZI01000004.1 69397..70053 CDS phosphoglycerate mutase gpmB_3 View View
854 GCA_001436645.1_00828 AYZI01000004.1 70066..70749 CDS tetratricopeptide repeat protein View View
855 GCA_001436645.1_00829 AYZI01000004.1 70761..73202 CDS exodeoxyribonuclease V subunit alpha recD View View
856 GCA_001436645.1_00830 AYZI01000004.1 73241..74191 CDS ribose-phosphate pyrophosphokinase prsA_2 View View
857 GCA_001436645.1_00831 AYZI01000004.1 74204..75199 CDS aldo/keto reductase tas_2 View View
858 GCA_001436645.1_00832 AYZI01000004.1 complement(75285..76979) CDS ribonuclease J View View
859 GCA_001436645.1_00833 AYZI01000004.1 complement(76979..77197) CDS hypothetical protein View View
860 GCA_001436645.1_00834 AYZI01000004.1 77372..77851 CDS hypothetical protein View View
861 GCA_001436645.1_00835 AYZI01000004.1 complement(78072..78638) CDS peptide deformylase def View View
862 GCA_001436645.1_00836 AYZI01000004.1 78751..79737 CDS L-lactate dehydrogenase ldh_1 View View
863 GCA_001436645.1_00837 AYZI01000004.1 79721..80014 CDS hypothetical protein View View
864 GCA_001436645.1_00838 AYZI01000004.1 80212..82050 CDS GTP-binding protein TypA typA View View
865 GCA_001436645.1_00839 AYZI01000004.1 82184..83353 CDS cell division protein FtsW ftsW View View
866 GCA_001436645.1_00840 AYZI01000004.1 83375..83647 CDS hypothetical protein View View
867 GCA_001436645.1_00841 AYZI01000004.1 83644..84198 CDS rRNA methyltransferase View View
868 GCA_001436645.1_00842 AYZI01000004.1 84202..84687 CDS phosphopantetheine adenylyltransferase coaD View View
869 GCA_001436645.1_00843 AYZI01000004.1 84674..85723 CDS hypothetical protein View View
870 GCA_001436645.1_00844 AYZI01000004.1 85779..86408 CDS competence protein ComEA comEA View View
871 GCA_001436645.1_00845 AYZI01000004.1 86464..86949 CDS competence protein ComEB comEB View View
872 GCA_001436645.1_00846 AYZI01000004.1 87039..89222 CDS competence protein ComEC comEC View View
873 GCA_001436645.1_00847 AYZI01000004.1 89188..90216 CDS DNA polymerase III subunit delta holA View View
874 GCA_001436645.1_00848 AYZI01000004.1 complement(90227..90487) CDS 30S ribosomal protein S20 rpsT View View
875 GCA_001436645.1_00849 AYZI01000004.1 90720..90989 CDS 30S ribosomal protein S15 rpsO View View
876 GCA_001436645.1_00850 AYZI01000004.1 91147..92862 CDS RNase J family beta-CASP ribonuclease View View
877 GCA_001436645.1_00851 AYZI01000004.1 92907..93809 CDS hypothetical protein View View
878 GCA_001436645.1_00852 AYZI01000004.1 93981..95168 CDS translation elongation factor Tu tufB View View
879 GCA_001436645.1_00853 AYZI01000004.1 95323..96639 CDS trigger factor tig View View
880 GCA_001436645.1_00854 AYZI01000004.1 96783..98066 CDS ATP-dependent Clp protease ATP-binding subunit ClpX clpX View View
881 GCA_001436645.1_00855 AYZI01000004.1 98092..98694 CDS GTP-binding protein EngB engB View View
882 GCA_001436645.1_00856 AYZI01000004.1 complement(98704..98877) CDS hypothetical protein View View
883 GCA_001436645.1_00857 AYZI01000004.1 98991..100799 CDS excinuclease ABC subunit C uvrC View View
884 GCA_001436645.1_00858 AYZI01000004.1 100816..102108 CDS GTPase Obg obg View View
885 GCA_001436645.1_00859 AYZI01000004.1 102251..103690 CDS catalase katE View View
886 GCA_001436645.1_00860 AYZI01000004.1 complement(103756..104034) CDS hypothetical protein View View
887 GCA_001436645.1_00861 AYZI01000004.1 104139..105086 CDS ribonuclease Z View View
888 GCA_001436645.1_00862 AYZI01000004.1 105083..105430 CDS hypothetical protein View View
889 GCA_001436645.1_00863 AYZI01000004.1 105449..107755 CDS single-stranded-DNA-specific exonuclease RecJ recJ View View
890 GCA_001436645.1_00864 AYZI01000004.1 107770..108288 CDS adenine phosphoribosyltransferase apt View View
891 GCA_001436645.1_00865 AYZI01000004.1 108350..108439 tRNA tRNA-Ser View
892 GCA_001436645.1_00866 AYZI01000004.1 complement(108549..108743) CDS integrase View View
893 GCA_001436645.1_00867 AYZI01000004.1 108766..108942 CDS hypothetical protein View View
894 GCA_001436645.1_00868 AYZI01000004.1 complement(108920..109078) CDS hypothetical protein View View
895 GCA_001436645.1_00869 AYZI01000004.1 110659..111078 CDS autolysin View View
896 GCA_001436645.1_00870 AYZI01000004.1 111416..111592 CDS hypothetical protein View View
897 GCA_001436645.1_00871 AYZI01000004.1 111858..112424 CDS hypothetical protein View View
898 GCA_001436645.1_00872 AYZI01000004.1 112634..112867 CDS hypothetical protein View View
899 GCA_001436645.1_00873 AYZI01000004.1 112860..113369 CDS HNH endonuclease View View
900 GCA_001436645.1_00874 AYZI01000004.1 113530..113952 CDS phage terminase small subunit xtmA View View
901 GCA_001436645.1_00875 AYZI01000004.1 113959..114207 CDS phage terminase large subunit xtmB_2 View View
902 GCA_001436645.1_00876 AYZI01000004.1 114204..114341 CDS hypothetical protein View View
903 GCA_001436645.1_00877 AYZI01000004.1 115156..115656 CDS phenolic acid decarboxylase padC padC View View
904 GCA_001436645.1_00878 AYZI01000004.1 complement(115708..115905) CDS hypothetical protein View View
905 GCA_001436645.1_00878 AYZI01000004.1 complement(115822..115905) sig_peptide View
906 GCA_001436645.1_00879 AYZI01000004.1 116079..116921 CDS bifunctional glycosyl transferase, family 8 rfaJ View View
907 GCA_001436645.1_00880 AYZI01000004.1 complement(116962..117609) CDS bifunctional S24 family peptidase/transcriptional regulator View View
908 GCA_001436645.1_00881 AYZI01000004.1 117749..117967 CDS hypothetical protein View View
909 GCA_001436645.1_00882 AYZI01000004.1 118107..119408 CDS malate permease mleP_2 View View
910 GCA_001436645.1_00883 AYZI01000041.1 complement(63..359) CDS hypothetical protein View View
911 GCA_001436645.1_00884 AYZI01000005.1 complement(356..913) CDS hypothetical protein View View
912 GCA_001436645.1_00884 AYZI01000005.1 complement(824..913) sig_peptide View
913 GCA_001436645.1_00885 AYZI01000005.1 1101..2459 CDS NADH oxidase View View
914 GCA_001436645.1_00886 AYZI01000005.1 2701..2967 CDS hypothetical protein View View
915 GCA_001436645.1_00887 AYZI01000005.1 2960..4126 CDS putative membrane protein essB View View
916 GCA_001436645.1_00888 AYZI01000005.1 4207..5586 CDS hypothetical protein View View
917 GCA_001436645.1_00889 AYZI01000005.1 5562..5807 CDS hypothetical protein View View
918 GCA_001436645.1_00890 AYZI01000005.1 5854..6669 CDS hypothetical protein View View
919 GCA_001436645.1_00891 AYZI01000005.1 7200..7523 CDS hypothetical protein predicted by Glimmer/Critica View View
920 GCA_001436645.1_00892 AYZI01000005.1 7743..8564 CDS hypothetical protein View View
921 GCA_001436645.1_00893 AYZI01000005.1 8604..8816 CDS hypothetical protein View View
922 GCA_001436645.1_00894 AYZI01000005.1 9210..11945 CDS yhgE/Pip domain-containing protein View View
923 GCA_001436645.1_00895 AYZI01000005.1 11995..12258 CDS hypothetical protein View View
924 GCA_001436645.1_00896 AYZI01000005.1 12372..13568 CDS aspartate aminotransferase aspC_1 View View
925 GCA_001436645.1_00897 AYZI01000005.1 13731..14906 CDS hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA synthase pksG View View
926 GCA_001436645.1_00898 AYZI01000005.1 15052..16314 CDS uracil transporter uraA View View
927 GCA_001436645.1_00899 AYZI01000005.1 16458..17234 CDS amino acid ABC transporter substrate-binding protein View View
928 GCA_001436645.1_00899 AYZI01000005.1 16458..16538 sig_peptide View
929 GCA_001436645.1_00900 AYZI01000005.1 17247..17942 CDS glutamine ABC transporter permease protein View View
930 GCA_001436645.1_00901 AYZI01000005.1 17942..18679 CDS amino acid ABC transporter ATP-binding protein View View
931 GCA_001436645.1_00902 AYZI01000005.1 complement(18705..19391) CDS hypothetical protein View View
932 GCA_001436645.1_00903 AYZI01000005.1 19542..20729 CDS S-adenosylmethionine synthetase metK View View
933 GCA_001436645.1_00904 AYZI01000005.1 20779..22236 CDS major facilitator superfamily transporter View View
934 GCA_001436645.1_00905 AYZI01000005.1 complement(22233..22793) CDS SAM-dependent methyltransferase smtA_2 View View
935 GCA_001436645.1_00906 AYZI01000005.1 23132..25555 CDS leucyl-tRNA synthetase leuS View View
936 GCA_001436645.1_00907 AYZI01000005.1 25594..27279 CDS polysaccharide transport membrane protein View View
937 GCA_001436645.1_00908 AYZI01000005.1 complement(27338..28180) CDS carbohydrate kinase View View
938 GCA_001436645.1_00909 AYZI01000005.1 28252..29646 CDS dipeptidase PepV pepV View View
939 GCA_001436645.1_00910 AYZI01000005.1 29944..30786 CDS methionine ABC transporter substrate-binding protein metQ_2 View View
940 GCA_001436645.1_00911 AYZI01000005.1 30793..31956 CDS acetylornithine deacetylase/succinyl-diaminopimelate desuccinylase argE_3 View View
941 GCA_001436645.1_00912 AYZI01000005.1 complement(32083..32712) CDS deoxyadenosine kinase View View
942 GCA_001436645.1_00913 AYZI01000005.1 32818..33063 CDS hypothetical protein View View
943 GCA_001436645.1_00914 AYZI01000005.1 33053..33751 CDS CAAX family amino protease View View
944 GCA_001436645.1_00915 AYZI01000005.1 33758..34384 CDS hypothetical protein View View
945 GCA_001436645.1_00916 AYZI01000005.1 34394..34894 CDS phosphatidylglycerophosphatase A pgpA_1 View View
946 GCA_001436645.1_00917 AYZI01000005.1 complement(34899..35528) CDS LexA repressor lexA View View
947 GCA_001436645.1_00918 AYZI01000005.1 35667..35918 CDS hypothetical protein View View
948 GCA_001436645.1_00919 AYZI01000005.1 35936..36157 CDS hypothetical protein View View
949 GCA_001436645.1_00920 AYZI01000005.1 complement(36206..36835) CDS 1-acyl-sn-glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase plsC View View
950 GCA_001436645.1_00921 AYZI01000005.1 36914..37663 CDS hypothetical protein View View
951 GCA_001436645.1_00922 AYZI01000005.1 37653..37919 CDS hypothetical protein View View
952 GCA_001436645.1_00923 AYZI01000005.1 38086..38832 CDS 30S ribosomal protein S2 rpsB View View
953 GCA_001436645.1_00924 AYZI01000005.1 38926..39780 CDS translation elongation factor Ts tsf View View
954 GCA_001436645.1_00925 AYZI01000005.1 39898..40620 CDS uridylate kinase pyrH View View
955 GCA_001436645.1_00926 AYZI01000005.1 40624..41187 CDS ribosome recycling factor frr View View
956 GCA_001436645.1_00927 AYZI01000005.1 41203..41607 CDS hypothetical protein View View
957 GCA_001436645.1_00928 AYZI01000005.1 41655..42392 CDS UDP pyrophosphate synthase uppS View View
958 GCA_001436645.1_00929 AYZI01000005.1 42406..43194 CDS phosphatidate cytidylyltransferase cdsA View View
959 GCA_001436645.1_00930 AYZI01000005.1 43214..44491 CDS metalloprotease RseP rseP View View
960 GCA_001436645.1_00931 AYZI01000005.1 44511..46268 CDS prolyl-tRNA synthetase proS View View
961 GCA_001436645.1_00932 AYZI01000005.1 46322..50638 CDS DNA polymerase III alpha subunit polC View View
962 GCA_001436645.1_00933 AYZI01000005.1 50750..51250 CDS ribosome maturation protein RimP rimP View View
963 GCA_001436645.1_00934 AYZI01000005.1 51247..52317 CDS transcription termination factor NusA nusA View View
964 GCA_001436645.1_00935 AYZI01000005.1 52337..52639 CDS hypothetical protein View View
965 GCA_001436645.1_00936 AYZI01000005.1 52626..52931 CDS 50S ribosomal protein L7ae rpl7ae View View
966 GCA_001436645.1_00937 AYZI01000005.1 52946..55279 CDS translation initiation factor IF-2 View View
967 GCA_001436645.1_00938 AYZI01000005.1 55298..55645 CDS ribosome-binding factor A rbfA View View
968 GCA_001436645.1_00939 AYZI01000005.1 55702..56613 CDS tRNA pseudouridine synthase B truB View View
969 GCA_001436645.1_00940 AYZI01000005.1 56622..57554 CDS riboflavin biosynthesis protein RibF ribF View View
970 GCA_001436645.1_00941 AYZI01000005.1 57661..58695 CDS heat-inducible transcription repressor HrcA hrcA View View
971 GCA_001436645.1_00942 AYZI01000005.1 58711..59277 CDS heat shock protein GrpE grpE View View
972 GCA_001436645.1_00943 AYZI01000005.1 59314..61161 CDS molecular chaperone DnaK dnaK View View
973 GCA_001436645.1_00944 AYZI01000005.1 61261..62397 CDS molecular chaperone DnaJ dnaJ View View
974 GCA_001436645.1_00945 AYZI01000005.1 62503..64335 CDS translation elongation factor LepA lepA View View
975 GCA_001436645.1_00946 AYZI01000005.1 64419..65192 CDS acetoin reductase butA View View
976 GCA_001436645.1_00947 AYZI01000005.1 65610..65999 CDS glyoxalase gloA_1 View View
977 GCA_001436645.1_00948 AYZI01000005.1 66145..66453 CDS hypothetical protein View View
978 GCA_001436645.1_00949 AYZI01000005.1 66510..67394 CDS ribosomal protein L11 methyltransferase prmA View View
979 GCA_001436645.1_00950 AYZI01000005.1 67396..68136 CDS 16S rRNA methyltransferase View View
980 GCA_001436645.1_00951 AYZI01000005.1 68198..70417 CDS GTP pyrophosphokinase relA_2 View View
981 GCA_001436645.1_00952 AYZI01000005.1 70430..70867 CDS tyrosyl-tRNA deacylase dtd View View
982 GCA_001436645.1_00953 AYZI01000005.1 70878..71516 CDS phosphoglycolate phosphatase haloacid dehalogenase hydrolase gph View View
983 GCA_001436645.1_00954 AYZI01000005.1 complement(71727..72572) CDS N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase amiC View View
984 GCA_001436645.1_00955 AYZI01000005.1 72895..74676 CDS aspartyl-tRNA synthetase aspS View View
985 GCA_001436645.1_00956 AYZI01000005.1 74782..75660 CDS YitT family membrane protein yitT View View
986 GCA_001436645.1_00957 AYZI01000005.1 75694..76854 CDS CDP-glycerol glycerophosphotransferase tagB View View
987 GCA_001436645.1_00958 AYZI01000005.1 76858..77763 CDS endonuclease IV nfo View View
988 GCA_001436645.1_00959 AYZI01000005.1 complement(77765..78565) CDS phosphotransferase View View
989 GCA_001436645.1_00960 AYZI01000005.1 78741..78941 CDS 30S ribosomal protein S21 rpsU View View
990 GCA_001436645.1_00961 AYZI01000005.1 79069..80055 CDS phosphate starvation protein PhoH phoH View View
991 GCA_001436645.1_00962 AYZI01000005.1 80055..80537 CDS 16S rRNA maturation RNase YbeY ybeY View View
992 GCA_001436645.1_00963 AYZI01000005.1 80521..80916 CDS diacylglycerol kinase dgkA View View
993 GCA_001436645.1_00964 AYZI01000005.1 80940..81851 CDS GTP-binding protein Era era View View
994 GCA_001436645.1_00965 AYZI01000005.1 81864..82628 CDS DNA repair protein RecO recO View View
995 GCA_001436645.1_00966 AYZI01000005.1 82912..83874 CDS glycyl-tRNA synthetase alpha chain glyQ View View
996 GCA_001436645.1_00967 AYZI01000005.1 83874..85943 CDS glycyl-tRNA synthetase beta chain glyS View View
997 GCA_001436645.1_00968 AYZI01000005.1 85964..87793 CDS DNA primase dnaG View View
998 GCA_001436645.1_00969 AYZI01000005.1 87807..89012 CDS RNA polymerase sigma factor RpoD rpoD View View
999 GCA_001436645.1_00970 AYZI01000005.1 89074..89763 CDS SAM-dependent methyltransferase View View
1000 GCA_001436645.1_00971 AYZI01000005.1 89760..90569 CDS Nif3-like dinuclear metal center hexameric protein View View
1001 GCA_001436645.1_00972 AYZI01000005.1 complement(90629..90817) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1002 GCA_001436645.1_00973 AYZI01000005.1 90947..94285 CDS DNA polymerase III subunit alpha dnaE View View
1003 GCA_001436645.1_00974 AYZI01000005.1 94389..96149 CDS pyruvate kinase pykF View View
1004 GCA_001436645.1_00975 AYZI01000005.1 96301..97191 CDS S1 RNA-binding protein View View
1005 GCA_001436645.1_00976 AYZI01000005.1 97175..98059 CDS tyrosine recombinase XerD xerD View View
1006 GCA_001436645.1_00977 AYZI01000005.1 98080..98448 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1007 GCA_001436645.1_00978 AYZI01000005.1 98429..99172 CDS segregation and condensation protein ScpA scpA View View
1008 GCA_001436645.1_00979 AYZI01000005.1 99150..99719 CDS segregation and condensation protein ScpB scpB View View
1009 GCA_001436645.1_00980 AYZI01000005.1 99712..100449 CDS ribosomal large subunit pseudouridine synthase B rluB View View
1010 GCA_001436645.1_00981 AYZI01000005.1 100456..101016 CDS membrane protein View View
1011 GCA_001436645.1_00982 AYZI01000005.1 101006..102085 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1012 GCA_001436645.1_00983 AYZI01000005.1 102072..103490 CDS ATP-dependent DNA helicase RecQ recQ View View
1013 GCA_001436645.1_00984 AYZI01000005.1 103545..104159 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1014 GCA_001436645.1_00985 AYZI01000005.1 104185..104874 CDS cytidylate kinase cmk View View
1015 GCA_001436645.1_00986 AYZI01000005.1 104960..106177 CDS 30S ribosomal protein S1 rpsA View View
1016 GCA_001436645.1_00987 AYZI01000005.1 106243..107550 CDS GTP-binding protein EngA engA View View
1017 GCA_001436645.1_00988 AYZI01000005.1 107754..108029 CDS DNA-binding protein HU View View
1018 GCA_001436645.1_00989 AYZI01000005.1 108102..109367 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1019 GCA_001436645.1_00990 AYZI01000005.1 109454..110668 CDS tRNA CCA-pyrophosphorylase pcnB View View
1020 GCA_001436645.1_00991 AYZI01000005.1 110677..112563 CDS ATPase component of ABC transporter with duplicated ATPase domains uup_1 View View
1021 GCA_001436645.1_00992 AYZI01000005.1 112573..113523 CDS thymidylate synthase thyA View View
1022 GCA_001436645.1_00993 AYZI01000005.1 113536..114060 CDS dihydrofolate reductase folA View View
1023 GCA_001436645.1_00994 AYZI01000005.1 114041..114262 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1024 GCA_001436645.1_00995 AYZI01000005.1 114278..115147 CDS ribosome biogenesis GTPase A rbgA View View
1025 GCA_001436645.1_00996 AYZI01000005.1 115147..115905 CDS ribonuclease HII rnhB View View
1026 GCA_001436645.1_00997 AYZI01000005.1 115937..116818 CDS DNA processing protein smf View View
1027 GCA_001436645.1_00998 AYZI01000006.1 complement(199..2733) CDS aminopeptidase N pepN View View
1028 GCA_001436645.1_00999 AYZI01000006.1 2854..4047 CDS major facilitator superfamily transporter View View
1029 GCA_001436645.1_01000 AYZI01000006.1 4091..4630 CDS membrane protein View View
1030 GCA_001436645.1_01001 AYZI01000006.1 complement(4663..4815) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1031 GCA_001436645.1_01002 AYZI01000006.1 complement(4882..5664) CDS sulfite exporter TauE/SafE family protein View View
1032 GCA_001436645.1_01003 AYZI01000006.1 complement(5780..7597) CDS pyruvate oxidase pox_1 View View
1033 GCA_001436645.1_01004 AYZI01000006.1 complement(7719..8504) CDS membrane protein View View
1034 GCA_001436645.1_01005 AYZI01000006.1 complement(8501..9616) CDS membrane protein View View
1035 GCA_001436645.1_01006 AYZI01000006.1 complement(9695..10174) CDS rRNA methyltransferase View View
1036 GCA_001436645.1_01007 AYZI01000006.1 complement(10704..11510) CDS metal-dependent hydrolase View View
1037 GCA_001436645.1_01008 AYZI01000006.1 complement(11507..12358) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1038 GCA_001436645.1_01009 AYZI01000006.1 complement(12364..13674) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1039 GCA_001436645.1_01009 AYZI01000006.1 complement(13567..13674) sig_peptide View
1040 GCA_001436645.1_01010 AYZI01000006.1 complement(13658..15505) CDS two-component system sensor histidine kinase View View
1041 GCA_001436645.1_01011 AYZI01000006.1 complement(15520..16233) CDS two-component system response regulator vicR View View
1042 GCA_001436645.1_01012 AYZI01000006.1 16448..16521 tRNA tRNA-Lys View
1043 GCA_001436645.1_01013 AYZI01000006.1 complement(16663..17469) CDS Mn-containing catalase View View
1044 GCA_001436645.1_01014 AYZI01000006.1 complement(17714..18673) CDS drug/metabolite transporter permease rhaT_5 View View
1045 GCA_001436645.1_01015 AYZI01000006.1 complement(18793..19764) CDS GMP reductase guaC View View
1046 GCA_001436645.1_01016 AYZI01000006.1 complement(19899..21299) CDS replicative DNA helicase dnaB_2 View View
1047 GCA_001436645.1_01017 AYZI01000006.1 complement(21335..21787) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L9 rplI View View
1048 GCA_001436645.1_01018 AYZI01000006.1 complement(21839..23854) CDS DHH family phosphoesterase View View
1049 GCA_001436645.1_01019 AYZI01000006.1 complement(23970..24221) CDS 30S ribosomal protein S18 rpsR View View
1050 GCA_001436645.1_01020 AYZI01000006.1 complement(24257..24766) CDS single-stranded DNA-binding protein ssb_2 View View
1051 GCA_001436645.1_01021 AYZI01000006.1 complement(24793..25086) CDS 30S ribosomal protein S6 rpsF View View
1052 GCA_001436645.1_01022 AYZI01000006.1 complement(25276..27750) CDS DNA gyrase subunit A gyrA View View
1053 GCA_001436645.1_01023 AYZI01000006.1 complement(27805..29754) CDS DNA gyrase subunit B gyrB View View
1054 GCA_001436645.1_01024 AYZI01000006.1 complement(29783..30895) CDS DNA replication and repair protein RecF recF View View
1055 GCA_001436645.1_01025 AYZI01000006.1 complement(30904..31122) CDS S4-like RNA binding protein View View
1056 GCA_001436645.1_01026 AYZI01000006.1 complement(31290..32429) CDS DNA polymerase III subunit beta dnaN View View
1057 GCA_001436645.1_01027 AYZI01000006.1 complement(32620..33945) CDS chromosomal replication initiator protein DnaA dnaA View View
1058 GCA_001436645.1_01028 AYZI01000006.1 34433..34567 CDS 50S ribosomal protein L34 rpmH View View
1059 GCA_001436645.1_01029 AYZI01000006.1 34629..34991 CDS ribonuclease P rnpA View View
1060 GCA_001436645.1_01030 AYZI01000006.1 34988..35821 CDS preprotein translocase subunit YidC yidC_2 View View
1061 GCA_001436645.1_01030 AYZI01000006.1 34988..35086 sig_peptide yidC_2 View
1062 GCA_001436645.1_01031 AYZI01000006.1 35974..36702 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1063 GCA_001436645.1_01032 AYZI01000006.1 36854..38245 CDS tRNA modification GTPase trmE View View
1064 GCA_001436645.1_01033 AYZI01000006.1 38281..40209 CDS tRNA uridine 5-carboxymethylaminomethyl modification protein GidA gidA View View
1065 GCA_001436645.1_01034 AYZI01000006.1 40325..41122 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1066 GCA_001436645.1_01035 AYZI01000006.1 41168..42316 CDS malate dehydrogenase mae View View
1067 GCA_001436645.1_01036 AYZI01000006.1 42325..43374 CDS citrate lyase synthetase citC View View
1068 GCA_001436645.1_01037 AYZI01000006.1 43364..43657 CDS citrate lyase subunit gamma citD View View
1069 GCA_001436645.1_01038 AYZI01000006.1 43657..44571 CDS citrate lyase subunit beta citE View View
1070 GCA_001436645.1_01039 AYZI01000006.1 44561..46099 CDS citrate lyase subunit alpha citF View View
1071 GCA_001436645.1_01040 AYZI01000006.1 46153..46698 CDS apo-citrate lyase phosphoribosyl-dephospho-CoA transferase citX View View
1072 GCA_001436645.1_01041 AYZI01000006.1 46688..47569 CDS triphosphoribosyl-dephospho-CoA synthase citG View View
1073 GCA_001436645.1_01042 AYZI01000006.1 47599..48489 CDS alpha/beta hydrolase View View
1074 GCA_001436645.1_01043 AYZI01000006.1 48535..49170 CDS signal peptidase I lepB View View
1075 GCA_001436645.1_01044 AYZI01000006.1 49273..50598 CDS aminopeptidase C pepC_2 View View
1076 GCA_001436645.1_01045 AYZI01000006.1 50663..52135 CDS cardiolipin synthase cls View View
1077 GCA_001436645.1_01046 AYZI01000006.1 52356..53096 CDS glutamine ABC transporter ATP-binding protein View View
1078 GCA_001436645.1_01047 AYZI01000006.1 53115..53978 CDS glutamine ABC transporter substrate-binding protein View View
1079 GCA_001436645.1_01048 AYZI01000006.1 53975..54625 CDS glutamine ABC transporter permease protein View View
1080 GCA_001436645.1_01049 AYZI01000006.1 54622..55266 CDS glutamine ABC transporter permease protein View View
1081 GCA_001436645.1_01050 AYZI01000006.1 55334..55699 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1082 GCA_001436645.1_01051 AYZI01000006.1 55816..57408 CDS L-lactate permease lldP View View
1083 GCA_001436645.1_01052 AYZI01000006.1 complement(57554..59227) CDS indole-3-pyruvate decarboxylase pox_2 View View
1084 GCA_001436645.1_01053 AYZI01000006.1 complement(59288..60598) CDS xanthine/uracil/vitamin C permease azgA View View
1085 GCA_001436645.1_01054 AYZI01000006.1 60792..61370 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1086 GCA_001436645.1_01055 AYZI01000006.1 61370..64927 CDS ATP-dependent helicase/nuclease subunit B addB_1 View View
1087 GCA_001436645.1_01056 AYZI01000006.1 64920..68633 CDS ATP-dependent helicase/nuclease subunit A addB_2 View View
1088 GCA_001436645.1_01057 AYZI01000006.1 complement(68661..69194) CDS TetR family transcriptional regulator tetR_3 View View
1089 GCA_001436645.1_01058 AYZI01000006.1 69320..70105 CDS alpha/beta superfamily hydrolase View View
1090 GCA_001436645.1_01059 AYZI01000006.1 complement(70161..70760) CDS 6-phospho-3-hexuloisomerase View View
1091 GCA_001436645.1_01060 AYZI01000006.1 complement(70711..71337) CDS 3-hexulose-6-phosphate synthase sgbH View View
1092 GCA_001436645.1_01061 AYZI01000006.1 complement(71420..71917) CDS methylated DNA-protein cysteine methyltransferase ada_2 View View
1093 GCA_001436645.1_01062 AYZI01000006.1 complement(72215..72475) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1094 GCA_001436645.1_01063 AYZI01000006.1 72669..74033 CDS purine-cytosine transport protein codB View View
1095 GCA_001436645.1_01064 AYZI01000006.1 74242..74805 CDS energy-coupling factor transporter substrate-binding protein ecfS View View
1096 GCA_001436645.1_01065 AYZI01000006.1 complement(74872..76050) CDS cyanate permease cynX View View
1097 GCA_001436645.1_01066 AYZI01000006.1 76285..77835 CDS lactaldehyde dehydrogenase / glycolaldehyde dehydrogenase aldA View View
1098 GCA_001436645.1_01067 AYZI01000006.1 77931..78497 CDS lysine decarboxylase View View
1099 GCA_001436645.1_01068 AYZI01000006.1 complement(78548..79483) CDS membrane protein View View
1100 GCA_001436645.1_01069 AYZI01000006.1 complement(79498..80145) CDS NAD-dependent dehydratase View View
1101 GCA_001436645.1_01070 AYZI01000006.1 complement(80451..80942) CDS phosphatidylglycerophosphatase A pgpA_2 View View
1102 GCA_001436645.1_01071 AYZI01000006.1 complement(80954..81607) CDS energy-coupling factor transporter transmembrane protein ecfT_1 View View
1103 GCA_001436645.1_01072 AYZI01000006.1 complement(81604..83016) CDS energy-coupling factor transporter ATP-binding protein ecfA View View
1104 GCA_001436645.1_01073 AYZI01000006.1 83327..83860 CDS biotin biosynthesis protein BioY bioY View View
1105 GCA_001436645.1_01074 AYZI01000006.1 complement(84034..85134) CDS recombinase RecA recA View View
1106 GCA_001436645.1_01075 AYZI01000006.1 complement(85229..85459) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1107 GCA_001436645.1_01076 AYZI01000006.1 85576..87021 CDS amino acid permease View View
1108 GCA_001436645.1_01077 AYZI01000006.1 87023..87730 CDS azaleucine resistance protein AzlC azlC_2 View View
1109 GCA_001436645.1_01078 AYZI01000006.1 87717..88046 CDS branched-chain amino acid ABC transporter azlD_2 View View
1110 GCA_001436645.1_01079 AYZI01000006.1 complement(88111..89997) CDS acyltransferase View View
1111 GCA_001436645.1_01080 AYZI01000006.1 complement(90234..91202) CDS malate permease mleP_3 View View
1112 GCA_001436645.1_01081 AYZI01000006.1 complement(91333..91932) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1113 GCA_001436645.1_01082 AYZI01000006.1 92121..92900 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1114 GCA_001436645.1_01082 AYZI01000006.1 92121..92222 sig_peptide View
1115 GCA_001436645.1_01083 AYZI01000006.1 complement(92943..94271) CDS D-alanyl-D-alanine carboxypeptidase dacC View View
1116 GCA_001436645.1_01083 AYZI01000006.1 complement(94170..94271) sig_peptide dacC View
1117 GCA_001436645.1_01084 AYZI01000006.1 complement(94508..95527) CDS acyltransferase View View
1118 GCA_001436645.1_01085 AYZI01000006.1 95675..97438 CDS muramidase View View
1119 GCA_001436645.1_01085 AYZI01000006.1 95675..95800 sig_peptide View
1120 GCA_001436645.1_01086 AYZI01000006.1 complement(97595..98197) CDS cell surface protein View View
1121 GCA_001436645.1_01086 AYZI01000006.1 complement(98117..98197) sig_peptide View
1122 GCA_001436645.1_01087 AYZI01000006.1 complement(98414..98590) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1123 GCA_001436645.1_01088 AYZI01000006.1 complement(98602..99126) CDS GNAT family acetyltransferase View View
1124 GCA_001436645.1_01089 AYZI01000006.1 complement(99241..100422) CDS acetyl-CoA acetyltransferase atoB View View
1125 GCA_001436645.1_01090 AYZI01000006.1 100512..101045 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1126 GCA_001436645.1_01091 AYZI01000006.1 101192..102640 CDS amino acid permease View View
1127 GCA_001436645.1_01092 AYZI01000006.1 102754..104142 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1128 GCA_001436645.1_01093 AYZI01000006.1 104132..106246 CDS polyphosphate kinase ppk View View
1129 GCA_001436645.1_01094 AYZI01000006.1 complement(106341..106880) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1130 GCA_001436645.1_01095 AYZI01000007.1 complement(225..2288) CDS alkaline phosphatase View View
1131 GCA_001436645.1_01096 AYZI01000007.1 complement(2309..3337) CDS membrane protein View View
1132 GCA_001436645.1_01097 AYZI01000007.1 complement(3334..4377) CDS glycosyl transferase View View
1133 GCA_001436645.1_01098 AYZI01000007.1 complement(4380..5546) CDS glycosyltransferase View View
1134 GCA_001436645.1_01099 AYZI01000007.1 complement(5668..5934) CDS phosphocarrier protein HPr View View
1135 GCA_001436645.1_01100 AYZI01000007.1 complement(6031..6225) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1136 GCA_001436645.1_01101 AYZI01000007.1 6381..8399 CDS ATP-dependent Clp protease ATP-binding protein clpA_2 View View
1137 GCA_001436645.1_01102 AYZI01000007.1 8494..9324 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1138 GCA_001436645.1_01103 AYZI01000007.1 9423..9995 CDS cadmium transporter cadD View View
1139 GCA_001436645.1_01104 AYZI01000007.1 complement(10377..11798) CDS dipeptidase View View
1140 GCA_001436645.1_01105 AYZI01000007.1 complement(11809..13386) CDS peptide chain release factor 3 prfC View View
1141 GCA_001436645.1_01106 AYZI01000007.1 complement(13450..14577) CDS membrane protein perM_2 View View
1142 GCA_001436645.1_01107 AYZI01000007.1 complement(14583..15392) CDS regulatory protein RecX recX View View
1143 GCA_001436645.1_01108 AYZI01000007.1 15474..15929 CDS flavodoxin fldA_2 View View
1144 GCA_001436645.1_01109 AYZI01000007.1 complement(15926..16831) CDS ribonuclease BN rbn View View
1145 GCA_001436645.1_01110 AYZI01000007.1 16959..17897 CDS bactoprenol glucosyl transferase View View
1146 GCA_001436645.1_01111 AYZI01000007.1 17897..18328 CDS cell wall teichoic acid glycosylation protein View View
1147 GCA_001436645.1_01112 AYZI01000007.1 18349..18531 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1148 GCA_001436645.1_01113 AYZI01000007.1 complement(18688..20046) CDS gluconate:proton symporter gntT_1 View View
1149 GCA_001436645.1_01114 AYZI01000007.1 20183..20944 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1150 GCA_001436645.1_01115 AYZI01000007.1 complement(21036..21203) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1151 GCA_001436645.1_01116 AYZI01000007.1 complement(21303..21377) tRNA tRNA-Arg View
1152 GCA_001436645.1_01117 AYZI01000007.1 complement(21429..22655) CDS DEAD/DEAH box helicase deaD_3 View View
1153 GCA_001436645.1_01118 AYZI01000007.1 complement(22673..23662) CDS oxidoreductase View View
1154 GCA_001436645.1_01119 AYZI01000007.1 complement(23678..24451) CDS lysozyme View View
1155 GCA_001436645.1_01120 AYZI01000007.1 24608..26164 CDS glycerol kinase glpK_2 View View
1156 GCA_001436645.1_01121 AYZI01000007.1 26495..28741 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1157 GCA_001436645.1_01121 AYZI01000007.1 26495..26611 sig_peptide View
1158 GCA_001436645.1_01122 AYZI01000007.1 28920..30236 CDS amino acid permease View View
1159 GCA_001436645.1_01123 AYZI01000007.1 complement(30581..31822) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1160 GCA_001436645.1_01124 AYZI01000007.1 complement(31956..32873) CDS homocysteine S-methyltransferase View View
1161 GCA_001436645.1_01125 AYZI01000007.1 complement(32870..34252) CDS amino acid permease View View
1162 GCA_001436645.1_01126 AYZI01000007.1 34900..35943 CDS membrane protein View View
1163 GCA_001436645.1_01127 AYZI01000007.1 complement(36178..36474) CDS YCII-related domain protein View View
1164 GCA_001436645.1_01128 AYZI01000007.1 36560..37135 CDS transcriptional regulator View View
1165 GCA_001436645.1_01129 AYZI01000007.1 complement(38161..38565) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1166 GCA_001436645.1_01130 AYZI01000007.1 complement(38821..40047) CDS acetylornithine deacetylase/succinyl-diaminopimelate desuccinylase argE_4 View View
1167 GCA_001436645.1_01131 AYZI01000007.1 complement(40050..40631) CDS GNAT family acetyltransferase View View
1168 GCA_001436645.1_01132 AYZI01000007.1 complement(41140..41946) CDS transcriptional regulator View View
1169 GCA_001436645.1_01133 AYZI01000007.1 42033..43352 CDS recombinase RarA View View
1170 GCA_001436645.1_01134 AYZI01000007.1 43374..44318 CDS excinuclease ABC subunit A uvrA_2 View View
1171 GCA_001436645.1_01135 AYZI01000007.1 44342..45931 CDS excinuclease ABC subunit A uvrA_3 View View
1172 GCA_001436645.1_01136 AYZI01000007.1 complement(46018..48018) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1173 GCA_001436645.1_01137 AYZI01000007.1 48224..48988 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1174 GCA_001436645.1_01138 AYZI01000007.1 complement(49813..50682) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1175 GCA_001436645.1_01139 AYZI01000007.1 complement(51471..51887) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1176 GCA_001436645.1_01140 AYZI01000007.1 complement(52125..53495) CDS TrmA family RNA methyltransferase trmA_1 View View
1177 GCA_001436645.1_01141 AYZI01000007.1 complement(53544..54485) CDS diacylglycerol kinase View View
1178 GCA_001436645.1_01142 AYZI01000007.1 complement(54501..55922) CDS aspartyl/glutamyl-tRNA(Asn/Gln) amidotransferase subunit B gatB View View
1179 GCA_001436645.1_01143 AYZI01000007.1 complement(55922..57382) CDS aspartyl/glutamyl-tRNA(Asn/Gln) amidotransferase subunit A gatA View View
1180 GCA_001436645.1_01144 AYZI01000007.1 complement(57385..57690) CDS aspartyl/glutamyl-tRNA(Asn/Gln) amidotransferase subunit C gatC View View
1181 GCA_001436645.1_01145 AYZI01000007.1 complement(57717..58835) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1182 GCA_001436645.1_01145 AYZI01000007.1 complement(58755..58835) sig_peptide View
1183 GCA_001436645.1_01146 AYZI01000007.1 complement(58848..60875) CDS DNA ligase lig View View
1184 GCA_001436645.1_01147 AYZI01000007.1 complement(60886..63147) CDS ATP-dependent DNA helicase PcrA pcrA View View
1185 GCA_001436645.1_01148 AYZI01000007.1 complement(63221..64363) CDS phosphoribosylaminoimidazole carboxylase ATPase subunit purK View View
1186 GCA_001436645.1_01149 AYZI01000007.1 complement(64360..65043) CDS N-acetylmuramidase acmA_2 View View
1187 GCA_001436645.1_01149 AYZI01000007.1 complement(64888..65043) sig_peptide acmA_2 View
1188 GCA_001436645.1_01150 AYZI01000007.1 65150..65422 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1189 GCA_001436645.1_01151 AYZI01000007.1 complement(65516..66448) CDS malate permease mleP_4 View View
1190 GCA_001436645.1_01152 AYZI01000007.1 complement(66572..67429) CDS protease View View
1191 GCA_001436645.1_01153 AYZI01000007.1 complement(67416..67754) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1192 GCA_001436645.1_01154 AYZI01000007.1 complement(67848..69659) CDS mucus-binding protein, LPXTG-motif cell wall anchor View View
1193 GCA_001436645.1_01154 AYZI01000007.1 complement(69564..69659) sig_peptide View
1194 GCA_001436645.1_01155 AYZI01000007.1 70057..70833 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1195 GCA_001436645.1_01156 AYZI01000007.1 complement(70950..71342) CDS 30S ribosomal protein S9 rpsI View View
1196 GCA_001436645.1_01157 AYZI01000007.1 complement(71356..71799) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L13 rplM View View
1197 GCA_001436645.1_01158 AYZI01000007.1 complement(71907..72704) CDS tRNA pseudouridine synthase A truA View View
1198 GCA_001436645.1_01159 AYZI01000007.1 complement(72704..73501) CDS energy-coupling factor transporter transmembrane protein ecfT_2 View View
1199 GCA_001436645.1_01160 AYZI01000007.1 complement(73489..74355) CDS energy-coupling factor transporter ATP-binding protein ecfA2 View View
1200 GCA_001436645.1_01161 AYZI01000007.1 complement(74334..75158) CDS energy-coupling factor transporter ATP-binding protein ecfA1 View View
1201 GCA_001436645.1_01162 AYZI01000007.1 complement(75323..75703) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L17 rplQ View View
1202 GCA_001436645.1_01163 AYZI01000007.1 complement(75725..76675) CDS DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit alpha rpoA View View
1203 GCA_001436645.1_01164 AYZI01000007.1 complement(76734..77123) CDS 30S ribosomal protein S11 rpsK View View
1204 GCA_001436645.1_01165 AYZI01000007.1 complement(77150..77500) CDS 30S ribosomal protein S13 rpsM View View
1205 GCA_001436645.1_01166 AYZI01000007.1 complement(77665..77883) CDS translation initiation factor IF-1 infA View View
1206 GCA_001436645.1_01167 AYZI01000007.1 complement(77983..78642) CDS adenylate kinase adk View View
1207 GCA_001436645.1_01168 AYZI01000007.1 complement(78656..79972) CDS preprotein translocase subunit SecY secY_2 View View
1208 GCA_001436645.1_01169 AYZI01000007.1 complement(79972..80403) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L15 rplO View View
1209 GCA_001436645.1_01170 AYZI01000007.1 complement(80436..80621) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L30 rpmD View View
1210 GCA_001436645.1_01171 AYZI01000007.1 complement(80635..81138) CDS 30S ribosomal protein S5 rpsE View View
1211 GCA_001436645.1_01172 AYZI01000007.1 complement(81160..81516) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L18 rplR View View
1212 GCA_001436645.1_01172 AYZI01000007.1 complement(81319..81516) sig_peptide rplR View
1213 GCA_001436645.1_01173 AYZI01000007.1 complement(81548..82087) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L6 rplF View View
1214 GCA_001436645.1_01174 AYZI01000007.1 complement(82119..82517) CDS 30S ribosomal protein S8 rpsH View View
1215 GCA_001436645.1_01175 AYZI01000007.1 complement(82747..83289) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L5 rplE View View
1216 GCA_001436645.1_01176 AYZI01000007.1 complement(83318..83626) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L24 rplX View View
1217 GCA_001436645.1_01177 AYZI01000007.1 complement(83657..84025) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L14 rplN View View
1218 GCA_001436645.1_01178 AYZI01000007.1 complement(84078..84344) CDS 30S ribosomal protein S17 rpsQ View View
1219 GCA_001436645.1_01179 AYZI01000007.1 complement(84370..84564) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L29 rpmC View View
1220 GCA_001436645.1_01180 AYZI01000007.1 complement(84554..84988) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L16 rplP View View
1221 GCA_001436645.1_01181 AYZI01000007.1 complement(84991..85653) CDS 30S ribosomal protein S3 rpsC View View
1222 GCA_001436645.1_01182 AYZI01000007.1 complement(85657..86013) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L22 rplV View View
1223 GCA_001436645.1_01183 AYZI01000007.1 complement(86030..86311) CDS 30S ribosomal protein S19 rpsS View View
1224 GCA_001436645.1_01184 AYZI01000007.1 complement(86363..87208) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L2 rplB View View
1225 GCA_001436645.1_01185 AYZI01000007.1 complement(87233..87520) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L23 rplW View View
1226 GCA_001436645.1_01186 AYZI01000007.1 complement(87520..88143) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L4 rplD View View
1227 GCA_001436645.1_01187 AYZI01000007.1 complement(88161..88796) CDS 50S ribosomal protein L3 rplC View View
1228 GCA_001436645.1_01188 AYZI01000007.1 complement(88827..89135) CDS 30S ribosomal protein S10 rpsJ View View
1229 GCA_001436645.1_01189 AYZI01000007.1 complement(89461..91554) CDS elongation factor G fusA View View
1230 GCA_001436645.1_01190 AYZI01000007.1 complement(91642..92112) CDS 30S ribosomal protein S7 rpsG View View
1231 GCA_001436645.1_01191 AYZI01000007.1 complement(92137..92556) CDS 30S ribosomal protein S12 rpsL View View
1232 GCA_001436645.1_01191 AYZI01000007.1 complement(92479..92556) sig_peptide rpsL View
1233 GCA_001436645.1_01192 AYZI01000007.1 92721..93371 CDS prepilin peptidase View View
1234 GCA_001436645.1_01193 AYZI01000007.1 93493..94080 CDS xanthine phosphoribosyltransferase xpt View View
1235 GCA_001436645.1_01194 AYZI01000007.1 complement(94164..97802) CDS DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit beta' rpoC View View
1236 GCA_001436645.1_01195 AYZI01000007.1 complement(97826..101419) CDS DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit beta rpoB View View
1237 GCA_001436645.1_01196 AYZI01000007.1 complement(101643..104114) CDS chaperone protein ClpB clpB View View
1238 GCA_001436645.1_01197 AYZI01000007.1 complement(104132..104605) CDS transcriptional regulator CtsR ctsR View View
1239 GCA_001436645.1_01198 AYZI01000007.1 complement(104734..104808) tRNA tRNA-Pro View
1240 GCA_001436645.1_01199 AYZI01000008.1 655..1611 CDS L-lactate dehydrogenase ldh_2 View View
1241 GCA_001436645.1_01200 AYZI01000008.1 complement(1752..2918) CDS aspartate aminotransferase aspC_2 View View
1242 GCA_001436645.1_01201 AYZI01000008.1 3032..5380 CDS Xaa-Pro dipeptidyl-peptidase pepXP View View
1243 GCA_001436645.1_01202 AYZI01000008.1 complement(5521..6312) CDS phosphonate ABC transporter permease protein phnE_1 View View
1244 GCA_001436645.1_01203 AYZI01000008.1 complement(6309..7094) CDS phosphonate ABC transporter permease protein phnE_2 View View
1245 GCA_001436645.1_01204 AYZI01000008.1 complement(7097..7855) CDS phosphonate ABC transporter ATP-binding protein phnC View View
1246 GCA_001436645.1_01205 AYZI01000008.1 complement(7867..8811) CDS phosphonate ABC transporter substrate-binding protein phnD View View
1247 GCA_001436645.1_01205 AYZI01000008.1 complement(8698..8811) sig_peptide phnD View
1248 GCA_001436645.1_01206 AYZI01000008.1 complement(9013..10302) CDS seryl-tRNA synthetase serS View View
1249 GCA_001436645.1_01207 AYZI01000008.1 complement(10556..11200) CDS deoxyadenosine kinase View View
1250 GCA_001436645.1_01208 AYZI01000008.1 complement(11216..12679) CDS lysine-specific permease lysP View View
1251 GCA_001436645.1_01209 AYZI01000008.1 13038..13592 CDS isochorismatase pncA View View
1252 GCA_001436645.1_01210 AYZI01000008.1 complement(13665..15080) CDS amino acid permease View View
1253 GCA_001436645.1_01211 AYZI01000008.1 15215..16090 CDS LysR family transcriptional regulator lysR View View
1254 GCA_001436645.1_01212 AYZI01000008.1 complement(16779..16870) tRNA tRNA-Cys View
1255 GCA_001436645.1_01213 AYZI01000008.1 complement(16934..17599) CDS membrane protein View View
1256 GCA_001436645.1_01214 AYZI01000008.1 17744..18589 CDS permease View View
1257 GCA_001436645.1_01215 AYZI01000008.1 18591..18974 CDS membrane protein View View
1258 GCA_001436645.1_01216 AYZI01000008.1 complement(18959..19432) CDS membrane protein View View
1259 GCA_001436645.1_01217 AYZI01000008.1 complement(19447..20217) CDS membrane protein View View
1260 GCA_001436645.1_01218 AYZI01000008.1 20372..20719 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1261 GCA_001436645.1_01219 AYZI01000008.1 complement(20948..22159) CDS major facilitator superfamily transporter View View
1262 GCA_001436645.1_01220 AYZI01000008.1 complement(22483..23376) CDS cation transporter View View
1263 GCA_001436645.1_01221 AYZI01000008.1 complement(23400..23843) CDS nucleoside 2-deoxyribosyltransferase View View
1264 GCA_001436645.1_01222 AYZI01000008.1 complement(23843..24262) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1265 GCA_001436645.1_01223 AYZI01000008.1 complement(24285..25160) CDS ribosomal large subunit pseudouridine synthase D rluD_4 View View
1266 GCA_001436645.1_01224 AYZI01000008.1 complement(25228..26442) CDS major facilitator superfamily transporter View View
1267 GCA_001436645.1_01224 AYZI01000008.1 complement(26278..26442) sig_peptide View
1268 GCA_001436645.1_01225 AYZI01000008.1 complement(26564..28642) CDS cation-transporting ATPase zntA View View
1269 GCA_001436645.1_01226 AYZI01000008.1 complement(28667..29089) CDS CopY/TcrY family copper transport repressor View View
1270 GCA_001436645.1_01227 AYZI01000008.1 complement(29239..30153) CDS pantothenate kinase coaA View View
1271 GCA_001436645.1_01228 AYZI01000008.1 complement(30157..32466) CDS ATP-dependent DNA helicase View View
1272 GCA_001436645.1_01229 AYZI01000008.1 32599..33261 CDS phosphoglycerate mutase gpmB_4 View View
1273 GCA_001436645.1_01230 AYZI01000008.1 33274..34536 CDS GTP-binding protein View View
1274 GCA_001436645.1_01231 AYZI01000008.1 34917..36254 CDS serine/threonine exchanger SteT steT View View
1275 GCA_001436645.1_01232 AYZI01000008.1 36395..36862 CDS putative acyltransferase View View
1276 GCA_001436645.1_01233 AYZI01000008.1 complement(37133..38500) CDS amino acid permease View View
1277 GCA_001436645.1_01234 AYZI01000008.1 39101..40015 CDS Mn/Zn ABC-type transport system ATP-binding protein znuC_2 View View
1278 GCA_001436645.1_01235 AYZI01000008.1 40019..40819 CDS ABC-2 transporter family protein View View
1279 GCA_001436645.1_01236 AYZI01000008.1 complement(41131..41385) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1280 GCA_001436645.1_01237 AYZI01000008.1 complement(41451..44060) CDS bifunctional acetaldehyde-CoA/alcohol dehydrogenase adhE View View
1281 GCA_001436645.1_01238 AYZI01000008.1 complement(44144..45166) CDS alcohol dehydrogenase adhP View View
1282 GCA_001436645.1_01239 AYZI01000008.1 complement(45294..46712) CDS arginine/ornithine antiporter arcD_2 View View
1283 GCA_001436645.1_01240 AYZI01000008.1 complement(46747..47784) CDS ornithine/putrescine carbamoyltransferase argF View View
1284 GCA_001436645.1_01241 AYZI01000008.1 complement(47799..49037) CDS arginine deiminase arcA View View
1285 GCA_001436645.1_01242 AYZI01000008.1 complement(49185..50084) CDS metal ABC transporter substrate-binding protein View View
1286 GCA_001436645.1_01243 AYZI01000008.1 50499..50852 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1287 GCA_001436645.1_01244 AYZI01000008.1 50931..51929 CDS D-lactate dehydrogenase ldhD_3 View View
1288 GCA_001436645.1_01245 AYZI01000008.1 52062..53927 CDS potassium transporter Kef kefB View View
1289 GCA_001436645.1_01246 AYZI01000008.1 complement(53992..55494) CDS xylulose kinase xylB View View
1290 GCA_001436645.1_01247 AYZI01000008.1 complement(55635..56456) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1291 GCA_001436645.1_01248 AYZI01000008.1 complement(56459..56947) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1292 GCA_001436645.1_01248 AYZI01000008.1 complement(56834..56947) sig_peptide View
1293 GCA_001436645.1_01249 AYZI01000008.1 complement(57013..57564) CDS guanylate kinase gmk_2 View View
1294 GCA_001436645.1_01250 AYZI01000008.1 complement(57644..58792) CDS Na+/H+ antiporter View View
1295 GCA_001436645.1_01251 AYZI01000008.1 58958..59872 CDS prolyl aminopeptidase pepR1 View View
1296 GCA_001436645.1_01252 AYZI01000008.1 complement(59933..60949) CDS adenosine deaminase add View View
1297 GCA_001436645.1_01253 AYZI01000008.1 complement(61087..62628) CDS ATPase component of ABC transporter with duplicated ATPase domains uup_2 View View
1298 GCA_001436645.1_01254 AYZI01000008.1 62740..63144 CDS glyoxalase gloA_2 View View
1299 GCA_001436645.1_01255 AYZI01000008.1 63154..64773 CDS amino acid permease View View
1300 GCA_001436645.1_01256 AYZI01000008.1 64836..65411 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1301 GCA_001436645.1_01257 AYZI01000008.1 65480..65989 CDS phosphatidylethanolamine-binding protein View View
1302 GCA_001436645.1_01258 AYZI01000008.1 66000..66467 CDS universal stress protein UspA uspA_3 View View
1303 GCA_001436645.1_01259 AYZI01000008.1 66668..68569 CDS asparagine synthase asnB View View
1304 GCA_001436645.1_01260 AYZI01000008.1 68681..69922 CDS peptidase T pepT View View
1305 GCA_001436645.1_01261 AYZI01000008.1 complement(70020..71762) CDS multidrug ABC transporter ATP-binding and permease protein mdlB View View
1306 GCA_001436645.1_01262 AYZI01000008.1 complement(71905..71976) tRNA tRNA-Arg View
1307 GCA_001436645.1_01263 AYZI01000008.1 complement(72079..72402) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1308 GCA_001436645.1_01264 AYZI01000008.1 72518..74350 CDS oxidoreductase View View
1309 GCA_001436645.1_01265 AYZI01000008.1 complement(74470..75486) CDS NADPH:quinone reductase qor_3 View View
1310 GCA_001436645.1_01266 AYZI01000008.1 complement(75511..76683) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1311 GCA_001436645.1_01267 AYZI01000008.1 complement(76701..77675) CDS L-asparaginase ansB View View
1312 GCA_001436645.1_01268 AYZI01000008.1 77813..78184 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1313 GCA_001436645.1_01269 AYZI01000008.1 78213..78557 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1314 GCA_001436645.1_01270 AYZI01000008.1 78604..80955 CDS DNA helicase View View
1315 GCA_001436645.1_01271 AYZI01000008.1 81035..81490 CDS Fur family transcriptional regulator fur View View
1316 GCA_001436645.1_01272 AYZI01000008.1 81642..82754 CDS membrane protein View View
1317 GCA_001436645.1_01273 AYZI01000008.1 82914..83606 CDS membrane protein View View
1318 GCA_001436645.1_01274 AYZI01000008.1 83616..84317 CDS membrane protein View View
1319 GCA_001436645.1_01275 AYZI01000008.1 84517..85734 CDS glycine betaine/carnitine/choline ABC transporter ATP-binding protein proV View View
1320 GCA_001436645.1_01276 AYZI01000008.1 85727..86602 CDS glycine betaine/carnitine/choline ABC transporter permease protein opuBB View View
1321 GCA_001436645.1_01277 AYZI01000008.1 86615..87526 CDS glycine betaine/carnitine/choline ABC transporter substrate-binding protein proW View View
1322 GCA_001436645.1_01277 AYZI01000008.1 86615..86698 sig_peptide proW View
1323 GCA_001436645.1_01278 AYZI01000008.1 87616..89535 CDS endopeptidase pepO View View
1324 GCA_001436645.1_01279 AYZI01000008.1 89642..90058 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1325 GCA_001436645.1_01280 AYZI01000008.1 complement(90852..91739) CDS alpha/beta hydrolase View View
1326 GCA_001436645.1_01281 AYZI01000008.1 91909..92442 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1327 GCA_001436645.1_01282 AYZI01000008.1 92496..93290 CDS methionine aminopeptidase pepM View View
1328 GCA_001436645.1_01283 AYZI01000008.1 complement(93342..93974) CDS 3-methyladenine DNA glycosylase mpg View View
1329 GCA_001436645.1_01284 AYZI01000008.1 complement(93984..94430) CDS universal stress protein UspA uspA_4 View View
1330 GCA_001436645.1_01285 AYZI01000008.1 complement(94494..96017) CDS glycine betaine/carnitine/choline transport protein betT View View
1331 GCA_001436645.1_01286 AYZI01000008.1 complement(96126..96695) CDS maltose O-acetyltransferase View View
1332 GCA_001436645.1_01287 AYZI01000008.1 complement(96695..97390) CDS ribonuclease HI View View
1333 GCA_001436645.1_01288 AYZI01000008.1 97498..97941 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1334 GCA_001436645.1_01289 AYZI01000008.1 complement(97995..98117) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1335 GCA_001436645.1_01290 AYZI01000008.1 98220..99029 CDS phosphomethylpyrimidine kinase thiD_2 View View
1336 GCA_001436645.1_01291 AYZI01000008.1 complement(99602..99877) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1337 GCA_001436645.1_01292 AYZI01000008.1 complement(99897..100238) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1338 GCA_001436645.1_01293 AYZI01000008.1 complement(100235..100993) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1339 GCA_001436645.1_01294 AYZI01000009.1 476..859 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1340 GCA_001436645.1_01295 AYZI01000009.1 complement(920..2173) CDS tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase tyrS View View
1341 GCA_001436645.1_01296 AYZI01000009.1 complement(2398..3192) CDS protein tyrosine phosphatase View View
1342 GCA_001436645.1_01297 AYZI01000009.1 3326..3577 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1343 GCA_001436645.1_01298 AYZI01000009.1 3649..5217 CDS glycerol kinase glpK_3 View View
1344 GCA_001436645.1_01299 AYZI01000009.1 5218..6102 CDS ribose transport protein rbsU_1 View View
1345 GCA_001436645.1_01300 AYZI01000009.1 6214..7134 CDS ribose transport protein rbsU_2 View View
1346 GCA_001436645.1_01301 AYZI01000009.1 complement(7217..8101) CDS 3-hydroxybutyryl-CoA dehydrogenase View View
1347 GCA_001436645.1_01302 AYZI01000009.1 complement(8336..9325) CDS ribose operon repressor rbsR View View
1348 GCA_001436645.1_01303 AYZI01000009.1 9438..10181 CDS sugar phosphate isomerase View View
1349 GCA_001436645.1_01304 AYZI01000009.1 10184..11467 CDS gluconate:proton symporter gntT_2 View View
1350 GCA_001436645.1_01305 AYZI01000009.1 11489..12451 CDS 2-dehydro-3-deoxygluconokinase kdgK View View
1351 GCA_001436645.1_01306 AYZI01000009.1 12454..13395 CDS 2-hydroxyacid dehydrogenase View View
1352 GCA_001436645.1_01307 AYZI01000009.1 13512..16583 CDS cell surface protein View View
1353 GCA_001436645.1_01307 AYZI01000009.1 13512..13637 sig_peptide View
1354 GCA_001436645.1_01308 AYZI01000009.1 complement(16630..17037) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1355 GCA_001436645.1_01309 AYZI01000009.1 complement(17049..18455) CDS TrmA family RNA methyltransferase trmA_2 View View
1356 GCA_001436645.1_01310 AYZI01000009.1 18603..19259 CDS ABC transporter ATP-binding protein View View
1357 GCA_001436645.1_01311 AYZI01000009.1 19252..20013 CDS ABC transporter permease protein View View
1358 GCA_001436645.1_01312 AYZI01000009.1 20191..21684 CDS dehydrosqualene desaturase View View
1359 GCA_001436645.1_01313 AYZI01000009.1 21668..22525 CDS phytoene/squalene synthetase View View
1360 GCA_001436645.1_01314 AYZI01000009.1 complement(22593..23519) CDS oligopeptide ABC transporter ATP-binding protein oppF_1 View View
1361 GCA_001436645.1_01315 AYZI01000009.1 complement(23512..24561) CDS oligopeptide ABC transporter ATP-binding protein oppD_1 View View
1362 GCA_001436645.1_01316 AYZI01000009.1 complement(24576..25598) CDS oligopeptide ABC transporter permease protein oppC_1 View View
1363 GCA_001436645.1_01317 AYZI01000009.1 complement(25598..26530) CDS oligopeptide ABC transporter permease protein oppB_1 View View
1364 GCA_001436645.1_01318 AYZI01000009.1 complement(26548..28194) CDS oligopeptide ABC transporter substrate-binding protein oppA_1 View View
1365 GCA_001436645.1_01318 AYZI01000009.1 complement(28102..28194) sig_peptide oppA_1 View
1366 GCA_001436645.1_01319 AYZI01000009.1 28602..29609 CDS oligopeptide ABC transporter ATP-binding protein oppD_2 View View
1367 GCA_001436645.1_01320 AYZI01000009.1 29606..30577 CDS oligopeptide ABC transporter ATP-binding protein oppF_2 View View
1368 GCA_001436645.1_01321 AYZI01000009.1 30580..31536 CDS oligopeptide ABC transporter permease protein oppB_2 View View
1369 GCA_001436645.1_01322 AYZI01000009.1 31554..32492 CDS oligopeptide ABC transporter permease protein oppC_2 View View
1370 GCA_001436645.1_01323 AYZI01000009.1 32514..34298 CDS oligopeptide ABC transporter substrate-binding protein oppA_2 View View
1371 GCA_001436645.1_01323 AYZI01000009.1 32514..32603 sig_peptide oppA_2 View
1372 GCA_001436645.1_01324 AYZI01000009.1 34500..37973 CDS hemagglutinin View View
1373 GCA_001436645.1_01324 AYZI01000009.1 34500..34664 sig_peptide View
1374 GCA_001436645.1_01325 AYZI01000009.1 complement(38022..38387) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1375 GCA_001436645.1_01326 AYZI01000009.1 complement(38415..39014) CDS hypothetical protein View View
1376 GCA_001436645.1_01327 AYZI01000009.1 39346..39663 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1377 GCA_001436645.1_01328 AYZI01000009.1 complement(39792..40619) CDS membrane protein View View
1378 GCA_001436645.1_01329 AYZI01000009.1 complement(40641..41666) CDS alcohol dehydrogenase View View
1379 GCA_001436645.1_01330 AYZI01000009.1 42011..43636 CDS ribokinase rbsK View View
1380 GCA_001436645.1_01331 AYZI01000009.1 43658..44578 CDS D-3-phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase View View
1381 GCA_001436645.1_01332 AYZI01000009.1 44740..45309 CDS DNA-3-methyladenine glycosylase I tag View View
1382 GCA_001436645.1_01333 AYZI01000009.1 complement(45311..46648) CDS 4-aminobutyrate aminotransferase gabT View View
1383 GCA_001436645.1_01334 AYZI01000009.1 46839..48035 CDS ammonium transporter amtB View View
1384 GCA_001436645.1_01335 AYZI01000009.1 48236..49072 CDS hypothetical protein View View
1385 GCA_001436645.1_01336 AYZI01000009.1 49305..49997 CDS filamentation induced by cAMP protein Fic fic_2 View View
1386 GCA_001436645.1_01337 AYZI01000009.1 50071..53049 CDS type I restriction-modification system restriction subunit R hsdR View View
1387 GCA_001436645.1_01338 AYZI01000009.1 53067..54656 CDS type I restriction-modification system DNA-methyltransferase subunit M hsdM View View