Job management through the Web API


The DFAST Web API allows command-based job management, including job submission, status check, data downloading, and job deletion. You can use the API with any command or program language that can send requests using GET/POST/DELETE methods.

[ Notice ] We have replaced the annotation engine as of August 2017, however job submission via API still supports only older version (based on Prokka). We will improve this in the future update.

Access token

Job submission via the Web API requires an access token. (Not required for data downloading)
Please get an access token by e-mail request.   dfast [at] nig.ac.jp

Please include the following information in the e-mail.

  • Number of genomes you want to annotate
  • Average genome size of your genomes
  • Your mail address

Available methods

Submit a job
https://dfast.nig.ac.jp/api/job POST
Submit a job (by file uploading)
https://dfast.nig.ac.jp/api/job/upload POST
Check status
https://dfast.nig.ac.jp/api/job/{job_id} GET
Delete a job
https://dfast.nig.ac.jp/api/job/{job_id} DELETE
Download results
https://dfast.nig.ac.jp/api/job/{job_id}/{file_format} GET

Please see API spec for acceptable parameters and options, and also check Tutorial to see examples for the curl command and Python.

DFAST Helper

We also provide a Python script that enables easy access to the Web API. You can submit multiple jobs at a time in a single operation with this script.
Go to this page to download and learn the usage.