[2018-Nov-7] Updated. Genetic code 4 (Mycoplasma/Spiroplasma) supported.

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DFAST Legacy server (based on Prokka).
Organism-specific reference databases (manually curated)
General-purpose reference databases

RefSeq (1.0, automatically curated using protein sequences mainly from 'Reference Genomes' in RefSeq.)

Subsets for following phyla are also available: Actinobacteria Firmicutes Proteobacteria

DAGA : DFAST Archive of Genome Annotation

DAGA stores genomic data collected from the public nucleotide database and the sequence read archive. All the genomes are consistently annotated using DFAST.
Currently, DAGA is available only for genomes of Lactic Acid Bacteria.

1421 annotated genome resources are available, covering 2 genera and 191 species.  ENTER

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